O'Neill Coldwater Classic 2010 In Australia

The 2010 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Series recently made a stop in Tasmania, Australia. Surfers faced windy weather conditions and their fear of the dangers that could be lurking below them in the deep blue sea.

O'Neill Coldwater Classic Tasmania.  Photo: Event HostThe first day of the 2010 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Series had excellent surf in Marrawah, Tasmania, Australia.

The competition was held in the remote northwest corner of Tasmania, Australia

American Eric Geiselman tried not to let the remoteness of the venue get to him, after his board was “nudged” by a shark at the Coldwater Classic Series California.

“Yeah. I try not to think about that too much,” said Eric. “It’s pretty wild and remote out here. Hopefully I can just continue to surf through the comp and avoid one of those critters again!” With the forecast showing the weather starting to settle, it should be the waves that the surfers can focus on over the coming days of competition.

Hawaiian John John Florence, Byron Bay’s Jarrad Sullivan, and local trials winner Ben Richardson, gave without a doubt the highlight performances of this 6-Star ASP event – the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Tasmania.

Ben Richardson expresses his satisfaction after finishing first in his heat in the main event’s round of 144.

“I came here hoping to get through one heat,” said Ben. “And I did, so I am pretty happy with that at the moment.” As for the wild conditions on offer on this West Coast today, Ben Richardson said: “I usually coordinate it a bit better with the weather when I come over here from the East Coast where I live. But it probably helps a bit to have an understanding of these conditions.”

The first day of the O’Neill Coldwater Classic Tasmania saw the competition kick off at Nettle Bay – a slightly more protected beach break on these wild shores.

“The rugged conditions dictate we go in here,” said contest director Matt Wilson. “It’s just a bit more manageable and there is a bit more opportunity here than anywhere else.”

The wind and rain have deterred no one though. Mark Mathews returned to this coast of Tasmania for the first time since last year’s competition.

“I have been at home in Sydney for a few weeks with warm weather and small waves so it’s good to get out here,” he said. “This comp is a good start to the whole series. No one has really got into winter yet – and this place definitely delivers that cold wild wintery feel.”

The weather forecast predicts calmer weather to come as riders await the coming days of the 2010 Coldwater Classic Series.


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