Marcilio Browne Interview

Shortly before the season started we had a little chat with windsurfer Marcilio Brown about his great result on Cabo Verde, his part on the Four Dimensions Movie and about how he keeps his body energy.

The 2007 Freestyle PWA World Champion Marcilio "Brawzinho" Browne is one of the most talented windsurfers on the PWA tour. Born in the windiest place of Brazil in 1989 he grew up watching his father and uncle sail. Now it is his turn to bring the trophies home.

Marcilio Browne.  Copyright: Four Dimensions Team Marcilio, you had a perfect start into the PWA Wave Season with a 4th place on Cabo Verde. Do you aim now higher goals for the wave rankings?
Cabo Verde was a really good result for me. That puts me in a good position now for the start of the season. But right now I am not thinking about rankings so much, I will train hard and do my best to reach good results, in the end let's see what happens.

You spend many hours a day in the water. Can you tell how many hours you usually invest in Waves and Freestyle and how you prepare your body to still work?
Here in Maui especially our routine is really intense. We usually sail three or four hours in the waves everyday, sometimes even a bit more. If there is no waves I usually sail the same amount in freestyle. But lately I have been doing a lot more wave sailing. I also do yoga four times a week and eat some supplements that really help to keep the energy after sailing everyday for many weeks.

One part of your training is checking lots of videos from yourself. Is this also a reason why you are so close involved side the Four Dimensions Movie Production?
Videos really help to improve and I always try to watch as much as possible, but that’s not really the reason I am involved with Four dimensions. I think the guys behind it are the best in making windsurf movies, and I am super stoked to be on a movie made by them.

Tell us a little bit how a day of a video production looks like?
Looks like sailing from 11 until 5, (laugh). Trying a lot of different angles and many new ideas we have. But that I can not say, you have to watch the movie.

Can you tell me your time schedule for the upcoming four month - more/less?
After Maui I will go to Egypt for three weeks. Than maybe to Venezuela if there is a contest there. If not, I will just go to Canaries in early June and stay there training before all the events. After that I go to the south of Brazil practice some portack wave sailing.

Were do you see yourself in 10 years?
Doing the wave’s tour and sailing sick waves around the world hopefully.

Thank you for your time!

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