Longboarding Qualifying Series 2010 Costa Rica: Semifinalists Decided

The competition was tight at the Costa Rica PLA Pro, the second stop of the ASP Longboard Qualifying Series. Semifinalists had to put up a good fight to get through the Quarterfinals.

Costa Rica PLA Pro.  Photo: ASPThe semifinalists have been decided at the ASP Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) 3-Star Costa Rica PLA Pro.  The performances were sharp and several surfers pulled off near perfect scores.

Taylor Jensen was on fire in his opening heat of the Costa Rica PLA Pro, taking the highest heat total of the entire event, a 17.60 out of 20, before also winning his Quarterfinals heat.

"This is my 12th or 13th time coming to this wave and I usually stay at Dennis' (Bourg) house, so I feel really comfortable out here," Jensen said. "It's almost like a home break."

Actually, Taylor Jensen spends most of his time in Australia and only returns to North America for major events.

"Since this event is a 3-Star, I was hoping I could get a good result here and catch up on points," Jensen said. "We also have the 6-Star coming up, so I'll be doing that one as well."

Besides winning his Quarterfinals heat, Kai Sallas demonstrated his precision and expertise by scoring the highest single-wave score of the 2010 Costa Rica PLA Pro, an astounding 9.50 of 10.

"The last few days, I've been watching it and lots of the ones that look good end up closing out, so I was looking for ones that almost looked like they had no wall at all," Sallas said "The waves are really soft out there, so it allowed me to noseride really easily."

It was clear at the Longboard Qualifying Series, that Sallas is a pro when it comes to understanding the power and potential of a wave.

"This is my third time to Boca Barranca," Sallas said. "This wave is so rippable and when it gets big, it pumps."

On the women's side of the competition, Leah Dawson was awarded top honors for her impressive 9.10 out of 10.

"The waves are incredible when they come, it's just a little inconsistent out there," Leah Dawson said. "That one wave was literally the best wave I've seen all week. I started off with a nose-ride and then got a few solid turns in and was able to get the good score."

The battle for ratings points continues as the surfers fight to qualify for the 2010 ASP World Longboard Tour.


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