Interview With Longboarder Remi Arauzo

The Vieux Boucan native, Remi Arauzo, is ready to compete in the 2010 ASP European Tour. The young surfer lets ASP Europe in on his past, his training prior to the event, and his thoughts on the future of longboarding.

Remi Arauzo.  Photo: ASP/MorrisRemi Arauzo, a determined and exceptionally skilled young longboarder, will compete for his second consecutive year on the ASP World Longboard Tour against some of the most elite athletes in the world of professional longboarding.

This year in Tapia, Arauzo will try to beat his 3rd place finish from last year.  ASP Europe interviewed the rising talent prior to the event to hear his thoughts on the upcoming 2010 ASP European Tour.

ASP Europe (ASPE): Who are you and what’s been your life as a longboarder until now?

Remi Arauzo (RA): My name is Remi Arauzo a.k.a Shloose or Shawn. I started longboarding at 10 years old encouraged by former top European longboarder Antoine Cardonnet (FRA) who really pushed me into that specific division of surfing. I was trained by former pro and surf artist Remi Bertoche and Thomas Espil then got into competition.

ASPE: What’s your best memory in competition?

RA: I’ve had a good year in 2009 finishing with a selection in the French national team and a couple of solid results in Costa Rica and Jersey, respectively for the World Surfing Games and European Championships. But looking back on last year, I keep my run in the Maldives as something really special, with a win over longboard specialist Mathew Moir (ZAF). That was a huge confidence boost.

ASPE: How is 2010 looking and what’s been happening so far?

RA: I started the year off well with a 3rd place finish in the ASP LQS event in San Diego, and to know I am guaranteed to compete on the WLT is also a great relief. I am just back in France after a couple of months away training with Julien Hamel in South America. I feel it’s been very efficient because I have changed my approach on my positioning when surfing and I feel mentally stronger when in competition. Thinigs are in place for a good year and I am hoping for a better year in 2010.

ASPE: What’s your view on the recent changes affecting professional surfing?

RA: The new criteria announced for 2010 seem to match longboard surfing better with commitment and innovation coming into the equation a lot more without losing the classical side of it with nose-riding remaining crucial to reach the perfect score. Longboarding has become very progressive and impressive nowadays.

ASPE: Anything else?

RA: It would be great to see longboard surfing become more popular and to be recognized as other professional surfers. I’ll finish by thanking all the longboarders who keep attending events and hoping to be in the spotlights.

Exciting things are to be expected from Remi Arauzo in the 2010 Spring season.


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