Interview with windsurfer Jonas Ceballos

Jonas Ceballos, main character of the brand new windsurfing movie "From Monday till Sunday", answered a few questions about the shooting of the film, about his homespot and his life as a windsurfer.

Jonas Ceballas.  Copyright: Sofa Movielab CrewWhat can you say about your days with the Sofa Movielab Crew during the shootings for the new DVD?
For me was great time together. When they told me the idea of the DVD they had, I didn’t really think too much about it to join them. I have had a lot of fun and lot of good moments. We really didn’t score good conditions at my home spot but we did our best for sure. For me the final result was just excellent. The DVD shows us what windsurfing is and what windsurfing means to us! Really good feeling.

Where there some situations you would better stay at home, chilling on your sofa?
No way… hehe… as I said before I have had a lot of fun and lot of great moments with all the crew.

Tell us something about your home spot.
Pozo Rocky place hehe… Good spot for jumping and onshore wave riding. Also is very famous because wind blows 320 days per year and sometimes it can be very, very strong. Lot of people comes here all around the world to have extreme sailing and new feelings. Lot of big names has come from Pozo. What can I say… there are friendly people, good food, good weather, good conditions… for me it’s one of the best places in the world for sure.

Why is windsurfing such a priority to you?
Because windsurfing have gave to me all I have, all my dreams are involve with windsurfing and for sure because I’m addicted to windsurfing. And now it’s my job, ones of my dreams came true, hehe.

Jonas Ceballas.  Copyright: Sofa Movielab CrewAs you was a kid, where there an idol for you?
Yes for sure. In the very beginning when I was 9 years old, my idol was Bjorn. I always watched his videos and I remember the one with Neilpryde I don’t know - it was in 1992 or something like that - this video was very cool. Also he was living in Gran Canaria and he was the world champion. This is why I really appreciate Bjorn when I was a little kid.

What has been your greatest success so far and what your biggest defeat?
The greatest… It was last year when I got the podium in 3 position overall. My biggest defeat… It was on 2003 that I could get world champion and I did a big mistake.

What advice do you have for youngsters that wish to be like you?
Everyone can reach his goals. You just have to work hard to get it. I can say, that you have to keep going and push. I also was a kid wishing to be like Bjorn, and I was lucky, because I live in the perfect place, but I was working really hard day by day to be here! Is all about time.

3 things, you would earn your money with, when not being a windsurfer?
I would do something involve with windsurfing… maybe an own Windsurfing School?!

How do you prepare yourself before starting a competition?
Basically eat good, keep the body in shape and a lot of meditation.

3 things you still want to do in your life?
Become a world champion for sure, ride big waves and create my own family.

3 things you cannot live without?

Thanks for your time.

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