Interview with Jeremy Flores

Jeremy Flores sent us a few words on his year so far - his second as one of the world's best surfers, and it seems like confidence and mental is definitely there for the 2007 ASP Rookie of the Year.

Jeremy Flores.  Copyright: Covered Images 1. The tour is coming to an end, how do you look back on 2008?
It has been a very positive year for me eventhough I had lots of injuries. I feel like my surfing has improved a lot and that the experience is definitely coming.

2. What is the general feeling after nine months competing? Are you fit for a good finish?
I was not very lucky this year. I had several problems with my feet and ankles and I never really felt in good form, but I feel like things are getting better right now. I have been training as much as I can, but I have not been able to surf that much, because everytime I surf I feel my ankle is a bit weak so I keep it all for competition.

3. A few words on this year's Quiksilver Pro France?
I am pretty disappointed with my run at the Quiksilver Pro France, but what can I do. I just have to accept it. I never felt really confident during the event, I put to much pressure on myself and I was not lucky with the waves at the moment my heat was running.

4. You want to become a world champion but what do you still have to work on?
The world title is the dream of any professional surfer, but I know I still have a lot to learn to achieve such a performance. I have to take slowly, because I am still young and need to learn on many aspects. I train a lot physically speaking to be more powerful, but I believe that what I lack most is experience.

5. You can still finish the year in the top 5, are you confident about the upcoming events?
It is not my goal to finish in the top 5. The next events are just bonus and I just want to surf well and do my best and I will see how it ends. I am more focused on my fitness at the moment, and results should come naturally.


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