Da Silva wins Estoril Coast Pro

Da Silva, who defeated Gabe Kling (USA) in the last battle of the ASP WQS European Series, clinched 2.500 valuable ratings' points and confirmed he was back in form after a tough year.

Jean da Silva.  Copyright: Aquashot / ASPEurope.comDa Silva, who ended up winning the event with a low 9.83 point score (out of a possible 20), found the best wave of the final which happened to be enough while Kling was struggling against the strong currents and enduring some hard time with some nine foot sets breaking at Guincho.

"I caught that wave right at the beginning before I even had the time to sit out there," Da Silva said. "It was really hard and we could not hear the scores. It was probably one of the trickiest heats of my career but to take the win here is somethiing really special. I am so stoked right now."

Da Silva, who has had a tough year with no significant result, suffered a serious hip injury and had to stay away from the water for four months, a moment he remembered after the final which made his victory today even more special.

"I got injured and it affected me so much that I almost quit surfing this year," Da Silva said. "It was the worse time of my life, but the support from my family got me back to work slowly and I just restarted from scratch in July. I traned hard to come back to this level and this win means a lot. I was focused 150% on winning all week and I made it. It is just perfect."

Da Silva, who was the only one of the four last competitors in the event not to have any pressure points' wise, left Kling with a runner-up finish, an excellent result for the American who is guaranteed to surf among the ASP Top 45 next year.

Gabe Kling (Ca, USA), 28, a former elite surfer who got back in the race for the ASP World Tour qualification in the last three events, did not find any good enough waves during the final finishing with a poor 9.67 point total (out of a possible 20), missing his first win in a couple of years.

"I am stoked with the result, but it is very disappointing not to be able to surf," Kling said. "The conditions were testing and I surfed four times today which made it hard for me but I just couldn't sit at the right place and I missed a couple of better waves."

Kling, who opened 2008 with a final in Brazil, suffered a pneumonia and knee injury and was left away from the Top 15 until the beginning of October where he started performing well in Brazil then in Lanzarote, finishing today in Portugal to secure his 2009 Dream Tour berth.

"It has been a strange year and I almost feel like it was two years in one," Kling said. "To have that many big events until the end just made my year and I am lucky I had the opportunity to come back that fast with three events in a row. I am stoked to be back on tour next year."


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Winner Muscroft.  Copyright: Aquashot / ASPEurope.com

Muscroft wins Santa Surf Pro in Lanzarote

Nic Muscroft (AUS), won the ASP WQS 6-Star Prime Santa Surf Pro clinching valuable 3000 ratings' points that rocket him to No. 10 on the international ratings and increases his chances of qualifying for next year’s World Tour.

Nat Young.  Copyright: Keagy

Nat Young wins Cold Water Classic

Young defeated fellow finalists Chris Waring, 21, Granger Larsen, 18, and Sean Moody, 25, and reclaimed the Cold Water Classic title for the Santa Cruz locals in a close Final.

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