Lay Day At 2012 Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic

The weather has not been cooperating with the 2012 Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic. Surfers are patiently waiting on shore for a chance to win valuable ratings points in the race for the ASP Women's World Title.

Laura Enever and Layne Beachley.  Photo: ASP/RobertsonToday is the first day in the 2012 Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic event window, with stormy sea and strong winds event organisers have called a Lay-Day.

Layne Beachley, seven-time ASP Women's World Champion and Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic Contest Director is excited about a favourable surf forecast for the coming days.

The swell charts are showing a solid swell in the eight foot (2.5 meter) plus range, that will more than likely see competitors take on the world famous Dee Why point.

"We're seeing torrential rain squalls and strong gusty winds," Beachley said. "The swell is building which is promising because yesterday it was as flat as a lake. We've called the competition off for the day, but we've got a really good forecast for the next few days. It's looking really good for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It's exciting having the Top 17 women's surfers in Sydney. For the last three months I've been thinking 'why am I doing this?' But then we get here and set up and I'm so proud of the event. We're in our seventh year and I'd love to do it for at least 10 years."


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Courtney Conlogue.  Photo: ASP/Robertson

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Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic.  Photo: ASP/Robertson

2012 Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic Launches In Sydney

The Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic the event that offers the richest prize purse on the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour, with USD$130,000 on the line.

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