Davey Cathels Injured At 2011 World Junior Championships Gold Coast

Just a matter of days before the big event, Davey Cathels injures his ankle and is ruled out of competition. Unfortunately, the major contender for the 2011 ASP World Junior Title will not be able to participate in the Billabong World Junior Championships Gold Coast.

Matt Lewis-Hewitt.  Photo: Surfing WA/WoolacottThe 2011 ASP World Junior Title Race took an interesting turn in the last couple of days with current ASP World Junior number 1 rated surfer, Davey Cathels injuring his right ankle while performing a reverse at his home break of North Narrabeen.

Davey Cathels was a front-runner for the ASP World Junior Title after winning the the biggest event of his career in Bali at stop 1 on the ASP World Junior Tour last year.

Cathels will now have to watch the title race unfold without him at the up and coming 2011 Billabong World Junior Championships Gold Coast.

"I'm feeling pretty devastated at the moment," Cathels said. "I've torn my front syndesmosis ligament and partially tore the back syndesmosis ligament. Hopefully I'll be ready for the Australian Open at Manly. I definitely want one of the Aussie boys to take out the event and the ASP World Junior Title and keep the trophy at home, because I think at the moment the world's best juniors are coming out of Australia."

Matt Lewis-Hewitt will be the injury replacement for Davey Cathels and is currently organising a last minute trip across the Tasman to compete in the last junior event of his career.

"I'm stoked to get in the event, but gutted for Davey (Cathels) too," Lewis-Hewitt said. "I've surfed in some events at home and at the ASP 4-Star in China earlier this year, so I've already had a few warm up heats and am feeling good."


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Davey Cathels.  Photo: ASP/Kirstin

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