Billabong Pro Santa Catarina 2010: Jadson Andre Is Winner

The lamb takes down the lion as Jadson Andre celebrates his victory over Kelly Slater in the final rounds of the 2010 Billabong Pro Santa Catarina. Slater, unscathed, remains in the top rankings.

Jadson Andre.  Photo: ASP/ScholtzIt was a sight to see, as the crowds carried off Jadson Andre, the overjoyed winner of the 2010 Billabong Pro Santa Catarina.

Stop No.3 of the 2010 ASP World Tour, the Billabong Pro Santa Catarina, came to a dramatic end as the 2010 ASP World Tour rookie defeated Kelly Slater, former nine-time ASP World Champion and current ASP World No. 1.

“What do I say?” Andre said. “This is my dream. This is everything I have worked for in my life. To be on the beach and hear that I was the winner, something special came over me. I don’t know how to put it into words. It’s a miracle.”

The rookie stood out in every round, combining full-rail carves with effortless air reverses, and dominating the Finals to overcome Kelly Slater.  Jadson Andre movied up an amazing 9 places and is now ranked in 4th on the ASP World Tour rankings.

“It’s very important in terms of my ranking,” Jadson Andre said. “Not only to help make the Top 32 cut-off, but also to help my seeding at J-Bay and Teahupoo. I know Kelly Slater can get a score whenever he wants so I tried my best to get scores early and keep the pressure on.”

Andre is the first rookie to win an ASP World Tour event since Bobby Martinez in 2006, and the first South American since Adriano de Souza last year in Spain.

“Adriano de Souza has been my hero for a long time,” Andre said. “He is an inspiration and has helped me so much this year. It feels amazing to represent my home country and win here for Brazil.”

Dane Reynolds also gave an impressive performance at the Billabong Pro Santa Catarina, scoring a 9.77 out of 10 for a monster 360 Method Air on his backhand. Reynolds commented on the event winner.

“Jadson Andre really found a rhythm early and I wasn’t able to get anything going until the end there,” said Reynolds.

While Kelly Slater may not have landed in first place in Brazil, he is currently at the top of the ASP World Tour rankings.

“It definitely puts me in a good spot this season heading into Jeffreys Bay and Tahiti,” Slater said. “I think it’s been almost two years since I’ve led the rankings and yeah, it feels good."

Slater gave some seemlingly patronizing comments on the rookie who outdid him in the final rounds.

"Jadson (Andre) winning here today is special and it’s probably something that he’ll remember for the rest of his life.”

The pro surfer continued to explain that the wave conditions are to blame for Andre's win and questions if Andre will do so well in the next events of the ASP World Tour. 

“Andre was pretty unbeatable in these conditions and he took down everyone," said Kelly Slater. "We’ll see if he can match the performances at places like Teahupoo and Pipeline.”

 The next event of the 2010 ASP World Tour is the Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay, which will be held from July 15 - 25.


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Jadson Andre.  Photo: ASP/Scholtz

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