Antoine Albeau Wins The 2010 Formula World Championship

Antoine Albeau was so fast in the 2010 Formula World Championship that his competition didn't even stand a chance. The winner was obvious shortly after the competition had begun.

Antoine Albeau.  Photo: Jérôme HouyvetAntoine Albeau is declared champion at the 2010 Formula World Championship in Mendoza, Argentina. Albeau has now won the championhip by dominating in 7 out of 15 races and achieving two 2nd and two 4th places.

With a final score of 24 points, Antoine Albeau has blow his competition out of the water.  The athletes in second and third place had 51 and 55 points respectively.

Ableau was so far ahead for the majority of the competition that it was physically impossible for anyone to beat him. Upon winning the second to last race, sealed the bag and was named the Champion!

Antoine Ableau had not done any Formula racing at all in 2009. So, on the first day, things did not go so well.  He finished with a 6th and a 12th place.  Lucky for him, those scores were the worst results he got in the whole event.

He quickly familiarized himself with his board and the difficult conditions and from that point on dominated the event.

Following the announcement Antoine could only say: “I still can't believe it, I was really fast.“

Congratulations to Antoine for his unbelievable performance at the 2010 Formula World Championship.


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