Movistar Peru Classic: Silvana Lima Wins In San Bartolo, Peru

With her win at the Movistar Peru Classic, Silvana Lima has announced to her competition that she is ready to play, jumping from 7th to 3rd place in the rankings

Silvana Lima.  Photo: ASP/MorrisBrazilian Silvana Lima defeated Sally Fitzgibbons at the Movistar Peru Classic and claimed the title in San Bartolo, Peru.

The Movistar Peru Classic was the fifth event of the 2010 ASP Women’s World Tour and came to a dramatic close as Lima crushed her competition.

Silvana Lima posted the event's highest heat total, a 16.50 with her suberb hi-fi fin throws and searing carves.

“I feel great!” shouted an excited Lima after her win. “I knew I needed to put up high scores early on because Sally Fitzgibbons has been surfing so well the whole event. I’m so stoked right now!”

This is Silvana Lima’s third elite victory of her career and the Brazilian now sits in third place on the ASP Women’s World Tour ranking.

“It’s the biggest result I have had since last year,” said Lima. “It’s really good for me. I feel like I have been surfing well this year but haven’t been making heats. This is very good for my confidence and the rest of the season. I wish we didn’t have such a big break though.”

Fitzgibbons continued her sizzling level of performance in Peru, logging in excellent wave scores in virtually every round of competition. Today’s result marks her third, consecutive Runner-Up finish this season, firmly cementing her place at ASP Women’s World No. 2.

“Another bridesmaid,” Fitzgibbons said. “It’s a good result all the same and great for my rating, but I want to win one really bad. Silvana Lima was ripping though. She got the jump on me and I was never able to answer back. It’s all good though.”

Champion Stephanie Gilmore and current points leader was not herself at the event when she fell to Lima in the Semifinals.

“It was an interesting event and we had challenging conditions throughout,” Gilmore said. “The past few days have been pretty fun on the lefts, but today it felt a bit between swells. I hadn’t prepared enough on the righthander and that showed in my wave selection.”

The loss has not really hurt Stephanie Gilmore, since she still has a significant lead on her way to another ASP Women’s World Title.  She admits that the mid-season break could not have come at a better time though and she hopes to reenergize before the next stop.

“I’m going to go home and then on some surf trips to Indonesia,” Gilmore said. “I’m working on a film project with Ava Warbick and I’ll use the time to recharge before the US Open in July and then onto Portugal after that.”

The 2010 ASP Women’s World Tour will resume in Portugal from October 7 to 11, 2010.


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