ASP WLT Surfers shine on opening day

Today's action saw ASP World Longboard Tour surfers Roger Barros, Ned Snow and Ben Skinner put on a show in front of the Huntington Beach crowd, proving why they compete amongst the world’s finest longboarders.

ASP WLT Surfer.  Copyright: ASP Morris / Covered ImagesThe ASP LQS offers all competitors a chance to qualify for the prestigious ASP World Longboard Tour with all ASP WLT surfers earning a chance to claim the title of ASP World Longboard Champion.

Barros, who competes on the ASP WLT, amassed the day’s highest heat total of 16.00 out of 20 in his Round 2 heat and followed it up with the highest single wave score of 9.17 out of 10 in Round 3 with an aggressive attack on the waves at Huntington Beach Pier.

“The conditions are really good and the wind is getting better,” Barros said. “It’s good to be here with my friends and having fun.”

Barros is returning to Brazil to defend his national title after the conclusion of the Costa Del Mar Pro and is looking at this event as an opportunity for some extra preparation before he returns home.

“It’s good for me to do as many contests as I can,” Barros said. “I’m the national champion in Brazil and this contest is good practice for me to try and defend my title.”

Snow, who finished third at the World Longboard Championships at San Onofre State Beach, was in his usually impressive form today and was on fire in his opening heat. The young Hawaiian surfer annihilated the fun surf on offer at Huntington Beach to advance into the Round of 32.

“It’s nice to see some waves,” Snow said. “Usually when I compete here it’s not very good and we’ve got some peaky conditions out here today. I hope some more swell fills in for tomorrow.”

Snow is looking at the Costa Del Mar Pro Championships as a chance to have some fun with his fellow competitors now that the ASP WLT season is over for the year.

“I’m just having fun now that the World Longboard Tour is over,” Snow said. “It’s good to be able to do this contest without any pressure.”

Skinner, who finished 21st overall on the ASP WLT, began in Round 1 and scalped three heat victories by combining classic noseriding and huge swooping cutbacks.

“It’s great fun out there,” Skinner said. “I think there’s a bit of a combination swell and there are some nice a-frames out there. It’s really windy and maybe it’ll calm down a little bit.”

Skinner has only competed at Huntington Beach Pier once before, but he earned a second place finish in that event, proving that the punchy beachbreak suits his style.

“I’ve only competed once out here before,” Skinner said. “This place has been good to me. I love it here and I’m glad to be back.”

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Day 2 of Vans Pro.  Copyright: ASP / Covered Images

Big scores on day 2 of PXM International Vans Pro

Today’s action saw local standout David Rutherford (Puerto Escondido, MEX), 25, earn the event’s first perfect 10, while Dean Brady (Noosa, AUS), 22, and Ryan Turner (Huntington Beach, CA), 29, were standouts as well.

Winner Bonga Perkins.  Copyright: ASP Morris / Covered Images

Bonga Perkins wins World Longboard Tour

The ASP World Longboard Tour crowned Bonga Perkins (HAW), 36, the 2008 ASP World Longboard Champion at the World Longboard Tour event at San Onofre State Beach over fellow finalist Antoine Delpero (FRA), 23.

Costa del Mar Pro.  Copyright:

Kick off: Costa Del Mar Pro Championships

The Costa Del Mar Pro Championships will be held at South Huntington Beach Pier from November 15 till 16. The event will see several ASP World Longboard Tour competitors tackle regional standouts in the two-day contest.

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