ASP Roxy Women's World Longboard Championships: Schumacher Wins

She has competed among the pros for years now, but surprisingly, Cori Schumacher's victory at the Women's World Longboard Championships is her first ASP World title ever.

ASP Roxy Women's World Longboard Championships.  Photo: ASP/aquashotThe native Californian, Cori Schumacher, has won the Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championships at La Côte des Basques in France.

Schumacher was put up against and defeated fellow Californian, Kaitlin Maguire, in a heat that was 100% American. Schumacher claimed her first ever ASP World title by posting the event's highest single-wave and hear scores, a 9.25 and 17.25 respectively.

“It feels so good right now,” exclaimed Schumacher. “It was like six minutes to the end and feelings just all washed over me and I was tingling. It’s such an amazing feeling to win. I had some pressure though when I paddled into a wave and left Kaitlin Maguire on her own because she can pull a world championship out of her hat anytime.”

Before defeating Maguire, Cori Schumacher defeated Jennifer Smith and Joy Monahan in the Quarterfinals, both of them being former world champions.

“I took a gamble to paddle into that last wave and hoped for the conditions to slow down as it hd been doing the last three days,” Schumacher said. “It paid off, the gamble went well!”

Kaitlin Maguire came short of five points leaving the 2010 edition with the runner-up spot.

“I was really exhausted for the final,” Maguire said. “Doing the semis and the final in a row was a tough one.”

Making the Seminfinals for the second consecutive time, French favorite and former ASP Women’s World Longboard No. 2 Justine Dupont had to accept Maguire’s unstoppable run to the final in a high-scoring battle.

ASP Roxy Women's World Longboard Championships.  Photo: ASP/aquashotOne of two French representatives to make the final-eight, Dupont had to face the domination of Hawaiian and United States’ natives over the 2010 edition.

“I am really disappointed to end-up once again in the Semifinals,” 18-year-old Dupont said. “I’ve had a runner-up, a fifth and two thirds in four years but I wanted to win that event today. I’ll be back next year for another shot for sure.”

Former event winner and ASP Women’s World Longboard No.1 Joy Monahan was stopped in Semifinals in France by Schumacher where both girls respectively posted 16.00 and 17.25 points.


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