Lay Day For 2011 Quiksilver And Roxy Pro Gold Coast

A lay day has been called at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast competitions due to a lack of waves. The Round 2 match-ups are set and competition will resume tomorrow morning, if the conditions are right.

Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2011.  Photo: ASP/ScholtzEvent organizers at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast have called competition off for the day with only small one-to-two foot waves on offer at the primary venue of Snapper Rocks.

“There’s not much on offer out there today so we’ve called competition off,” Rich Porta, ASP Head Judge, said. “We were fortunate to get a full day of competition in yesterday. There’s not much forecast but we’ll be back tomorrow morning to assess conditions for a possible start.”

While official competition has been called off for the day, the Corona Expression Session will take place at 10am at Snapper Rocks.

Event organizers will reconvene tomorrow morning at 6:30am to assess conditions for a possible 7:30am start. When competition resumes, up first will be Bede Durbidge vs. wildcard Matt Banting in the opening men’s heat of Round 2 and Rebecca Woods vs. Courtney Conlogue in the opening women’s heat of Round 2.

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Round 2 Match-Ups:

Heat 1: Bede Durbidge (AUS) vs. Matt Banting (AUS)
Heat 2: Adrian Buchan (AUS) vs. Mitch Crews (AUS)
Heat 3: Adriano de Souza (BRA) vs. Marc Lacomare (FRA)
Heat 4: Michel Bourez (PYF) vs. Raoni Monteiro (BRA)
Heat 5: Chris Davidson (AUS) vs. Cory Lopez (USA)
Heat 6: Jadson Andre (BRA) vs. Gabe Kling (USA)
Heat 7: Damien Hobgood (USA) vs. Dusty Payne (HAW)
Heat 8: Kieren Perrow (AUS) vs. Alejo Muniz (BRA)
Heat 9: C.J. Hobgood (USA) vs. Kai Otton (AUS)
Heat 10: Brett Simpson (USA) vs. Patrick Gudauskas (USA)
Heat 11: Taylor Knox (USA) vs. Fredrick Patacchia (HAW)
Heat 12: Heitor Alves (BRA) vs. Bobby Martinez (USA)

Roxy Pro Gold Coast Round 2 Match-Ups:

Heat 1: Rebecca Woods (AUS) vs. Courtney Conlogue (USA)
Heat 2: Paige Hareb (NZL) vs. Pauline Ado (FRA)
Heat 3: Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) vs. Sarah Mason (NZL)
Heat 4: Sofia Mulanovich (PER) vs. Claire Bevilacqua (AUS)
Heat 5: Chelsea Hedges (AUS) vs. Alana Blanchard (HAW)
Heat 6: Jessi Miley-Dyer (AUS) vs. Laura Enever (AUS)


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