Marlon Lipke Wins 2012 ASP Protest Vendee Pro

Marlon Lipke eventually took out the Final heat of the 2012 ASP Protest Vendee Pro, besting three hungry Frenchman, including 2011 ASP Europe Champion Romain Cloitre, powerhouse Joan Duru and the event overall standout Vincent Duvignac.

Marlon Lipke.  Photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.comMarlon Lipke has won the 2012 ASP Protest Vendee Pro in a close fought low scoring final in shifting 4-5ft wind affected peaks progressing through the early rounds of competition to build momentum.

"The left here is so much fun, I remember surfing it like 10 years ago when I was staying at Gregory Pastusiak’s house and this whole event I’ve been surfing it despite everyone sticking to the right," Marlon said. "I guess it was kind of a risk for me but luckily it paid off!"

Marlon Lipke, who qualified and surfed on the World Championship Tour in 2009, rises back and takes an early lead on the ASP European rankings. The 28 year-old German based in Portugal has been remodelling his approach to surfing events and starts 2012 with a strong goal of building up on his result in Vendee.

"I’m not ready to give up competing yet, I still enjoy travelling so much with my friends and surfing events," said Lipke.

After a couple years of average results in competition, Marlon Lipke recently started taking up new training methods and feels his condition has improved. Taking nothing for granted the German competitor had the courage to go back to essentials and his win in Vendee attests of a new found form.

"I’ve actually been taking up trampoline training for example, and I think it opens your eyes on what’s possible. You have to always try something different to move forward with your surfing, if you just do the same over and over you get stuck I think that’s what happened to me in a way."


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Joan Duru.  Photo: Aquashot/

Vincent Duvignac Lights Up The 2012 ASP Protest Vendee Pro

Day 2 of the 2012 ASP Protest Vendee Pro was full of fiery performances from the competitors. A champion might be crowned as early as tomorrow if event officials decide that conditions will not be favorable on Sunday.

Courtney Conlogue victorious.  Photo: ASP/Robertson

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