Vincent Duvignac Lights Up The 2012 ASP Protest Vendee Pro

Day 2 of the 2012 ASP Protest Vendee Pro was full of fiery performances from the competitors. A champion might be crowned as early as tomorrow if event officials decide that conditions will not be favorable on Sunday.

Joan Duru.  Photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.comThe 2012 ASP Protest Vendee Pro completed Day 2 of competition today which started at 9am this morning at the backup venue of Les Dunes.

Conditions allowed the Top Seeds entering the competition in its third Round to display their fantastic abilities before the public’s eyes.

Vincent Duvignac was on fire this morning in the first heat of Day 2 opening up with an incredible 9.33 out of 10, and confirming his overwhelming lead with a 8.33 to put his three opponents in a combination zone, needing two scores to try and get the first place.

"It’s a good start for me in this contest," Vincent said. "The conditions are once again not easy with waves breaking all over the place but I know this type of condition, I’ve surfed in Les Sables d’Olonne a lot and there’s the same kind of break."

Confirming his great form later on by winning his Round of 32 confrontation, Vincent Duvignac showed his extreme motivation to move through the next rounds of competition and get closer to the final rounds.

"I just lost my major sponsor because they stopped their activity in Europe so it’s been tough for me. I had the opportunity to enter the prime events because I had a good season last year, and so far I’ve lost in Brazil and Australia in the first rounds at both events. I’m going to go to Trestles next but then because I don’t really have enough money to follow the international tour I’ll focus more on the European Tour."

Joan Duru was the other standout in today’s action, claiming two heat wins and netting the third highest heat total of the event so far, an excellent 16.50 out of 20. The Landes region native has been a force to reckon with for the past couple of years on the European and International stage and confirms he will be one to watch in 2012.

Tomorrow event officials will reconvene at 2pm at the main site of La Sauzaie to decide when to start the quarter-finals. The 2012 Protest Vendee Pro is scheduled from April 19-22.


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