2012 ASP Nike Lowers Pro Expects Great Waves

With several of the world’s best surfers in the draw and consistent waves expected throughout the waiting period, the 2012 ASP Prime Nike Lowers pro is set to provide plenty of action.

Kolohe Andino.  Photo: ASP/ShadleyThe opening day of the 2012 ASP Prime Nike Lowers Pro will kickoff tomorrow, Tuesday, May 1.

Held at the iconic pointbreak of Lower Trestles, the Nike Lowers Pro is often claimed as the most progressive event of the season, with ASP Top 34 surfers and fierce up-and-comers both battling it out for the vital points on offer towards their ASP World Ranking at one of the world’s most high-performance waves.

Patrick Gudauskas, who is amidst his third year on the ASP World Championship Tour, admitted that the Nike Lowers Pro is one of the events he most looks forward to over the course of the entire ASP season.

“Out of all of the events we have during the year this is definitely one of the ones that I get most excited about,” Gudauskas said. “It’s always great to surf in front of friends and family and have the hometown crowd behind you.”

The San Clemente native has not met his personal goals at the Nike Lowers Pro in the past, but is driven by the lineage of local talent to take out a win at this year’s event.

“All of the guys from San Clemente all want to win out at Lowers,” Gudauskas said. “Growing up watching the Beschens and Wardo (Chris Ward) rip there has been sick and I really haven’t had the results I would have liked at this event in the past. To win it would be amazing.”

Brett Simpson grew up just a short drive away from the fabled pointbreak and is motivated to put on a show at one of his favorite waves while watching his fellow competitors push their own personal boundaries.

“Lowers is my favorite wave in the world when it’s on,” Simpson said. “The wave shape with the softer lip allows you to just push as hard as you can on every turn or air! I really enjoy that, and watching everybody surf out of their minds.”

The Californian is looking forward to capitalizing on the comforts that come along with competing close to home, but knows the brutal competition at this year’s Nike Lowers Pro will limit his home field advantage.

The 2012 Nike Lowers Pro holds a waiting period from May 1 through 5. 


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