ASP Longboard Qualifying Series 2010: Jensen Wins WLA Pro

Without a doubt, Huntington Beach is Taylor Jensen's lucky place to surf. The champion longboarder has taken another win at the 1-Star WLA Pro and can't even recall the number of times he's won at this location.

Taylor Jensen.  Photo: ASPCalifornian longboarder Taylor Jensen claimed the title at the 2010 ASP Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) 1-Star WLA Pro at Huntington Beach.

Jensen, the two-time ASP North America Longboarding Champion, has a chain of victories at Huntington Beach. To get to the top of the event, he had to first eliminate Ned Snow, Bonga Perkins, Josh Constable and the North America ratings leader Kai Sallas.

“I’m stoked, I’m not sure how many contests I’ve won here at Huntington now,” Jensen said. “This is definitely the place that I’ve won the most events. I think that when I know I’ll be competing in Huntington, I enter the contest with extra confidence.”

Jensen's strategy is to clear his mind of negative thoughts and not worry about anything when he gets out on the water.

“I always feel like I surf better when I’m not putting pressure on myself,” Taylor Jensen said. “I really just enjoy coming up to the events to see everyone and have fun and when I keep that in mind I seem to do better in events.”

On the women's side of the 2010 1-Star WLA Pro, Lindsay Steinriede was the victorious longboarder.  Steinriede demonstrated here skills by defeating one competitor after another, including Kaitlin Maguire, Kelly Nicely, and Leah Dawson in their Final matchup.

“I’m pumped right now,” said Lindsay Steinriede. “There were so many good surfers in this event from Hawaii and Nava Young from Australia, so I’m really happy to have won with all of the talent in this event.”

Steinriede stayed calm and carefully selected each wave at the 1-Star WLA Pro - a strategy that clearly paid off.

“Today’s conditions were some of the best that we’ve had,” Steinriede said. “I just decided when I paddled out that I wasn’t going to worry about the scores too much and just focused on picking the best waves and surfing them the best that I could.


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