ASP Longboard Qualifying Series 2010: Taylor Jensen Leads At Huntington Beach

The powerful longboarder, Taylor Jensen, made it look easy at the 2010 ASP Longboarding Qualifying Series 1-Star WLA Pro. Now holding the event lead, things must be looking pretty good in Jensen's world.

Taylor Jensen lit up the surf with an impressive 16.16 out of 20 in his opening heat and took the lead at the 2010 ASP Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) 1-Star WLA Pro at South Huntington Beach Pier.

A top regional position qualifies each competitor for a spot on the ASP World Longboard Tour (WLT). Jensen, who is no stranger to winning at Huntington Beach, was at the top of his game for the 2010 WLA Pro.

“The conditions are pretty good for Huntington,” Jensen said. “This is the best surf we’ve had for an event this year. It’s super peaky and really fun.”

Taylor Jensen demonstrated his superior skills by combining rail-to-rail power surfing with classic longboarding.

“I paddled out and went straight into an 8 and that kind of set the pace for my whole heat,” Jensen said. “I backed it up with another solid score and kept picking off those right reforms. Huntington has always been good to me.”

Hawaiian upstart Stacia Ahina posted the top scores while deciding the women’s Quarterfinalists. With little experience at Huntington Beach, Ahina was able to post one of the strongest heat totals of the womens’ division.

“I’ve surfed here one other time and there was a terrible rip current, the surf is way better today,” Ahina said. “Today’s conditions remind me of this righthander that I always surf at Kewalos in Hawaii, it’s super similar.”

Ahina would like to post a top result at the WLA Pro in hopes of qualifying for the ASP Women’s World Longboard Tour.

“My goal is to build my seed and eventually qualify for the event in France to compete for the World Longboard Title,” Ahina said.

If all goes as scheduled, the 2010 WLA Pro will decide the winner tomorrow.


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