ASP Grade-3 All Day Antics Pro Junior In Newport Beach

Junior surfers are gearing up for the unpredictable surf at Newport Beach as they head to California for the 2010 ASP Grade-3 Arnette All Day Antics Pro Junior. For some, the event is a golden opportunity for World Tour qualification, while others only worry about the Star and PRIME events.

ASP Grade-3 All Day Antics Pro Junior 2010.  Photo: ASPAmerica's best junior surfers are on their way to the ASP Grade-3 Arnette All Day Antics Pro Junior in Newport Beach, California, which is scheduled for June 5th and 6th, 2010.

Competitors are out to snatch up some ratings points at the Arnette Pro Junior’s ASP Grade-3 and qualify for the ASP World Junior Championship.

Newport's favorite, Andrew Doheny, will be participating at the Arnette Pro Junior in his hometown after winning at Lower Trestles last month.

“Winning the last pro junior contest at Lowers definitely helps my confidence going into the Arnette Pro Junior, but I still have to give it everything I have,” Doheny said. “I felt like I got lucky at Lowers.”

Andrew Doheny knows that Newport's difficult surf will offer no advantage and hopes that at least the excitement of the local fans will help him obtain back-to-back ASP North America Pro Junior Series wins.

“The local support helps but there’s not much local knowledge when it comes to Newport,” Doheny said. “The wave is just a closeout most of the time.”

Doheny, current No. 2 behind ratings leader Evan Geiselman, is aware that another win at the upcoming Arnette Pro Junior would mean the world for his career and potential qualification for the ASP World Junior Tour.

“This event’s Grade-3 points mean a lot for sure,” Doheny said. “I’m going to try my best and let that take me where it wants to.”

Nat Young, defending Arnette Pro Junior Champion, has been working on perfecting his equipment for Newport’s event.

“I think Newport is a really fun wave for a contest,” Young said. “There are peaks all over so you can kind of sit off on your own and at the moment I have boards that work really well in those punchy beachbreaks and hopefully there is a little swell for the contest.”

Despite the substantial ratings points available at the Grade-3 Arnette Pro Junior, Young's is determined to qualify for the ASP World Junior Tour by way of the PRIME and Star events.


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