ASP Grade-3 Arnette Pro Junior 2010: Keanu Asing Wins In Newport Beach

Keanu Asing may have won the event at the 2010 ASP Arnette Pro Junior in Newport Beach, but Evan Gieselman still holds the points lead for the North America Pro Junior Series.

Keanu Asing.  Photo: Hilleman17-year-old Keanu Asing was the winner at the 2010 ASP North America Pro Junior Series Grade-3 Arnette Pro Junior, defeating his fellow competitors Evan Geiselman, Albee Layer, and Kolohe Andino.

The junior surfers can collect points from the ASP Grade-3 Arnette Pro Junior to qualify for the ASP World Junior Tour, thus earning the chance to battle the world's elite and become the next ASP World Junior Champion.

The 2009 Arnette Pro Junior runner-up, Keanu Asing, seemed to sneak up from behind at this year’s event.  Asing used his calculated backhand power-surfing to steal the win without any warning.

“I’m just so psyched,” exclaimed Keanu Asing. “I kind of had not such a good run at the last two Grade-2 events, so coming here, getting this one, especially after the runner up finish here last year, it was a confidence booster.”

Evan Geiselman took second place at the Arnette Pro Junior and is still the current ratings leader on the ASP North America Pro Junior Series. 

“I’m so psyched right now,” Geiselman said. “That was my main goal this whole contest, just to make the Final and get another good result because it’s the last Grade-3 before the cutoff.”

At this point, Evan Geiselman has excellent chances of qualifying for the ASP World Junior Tour.

In third place at the ASP Arnette Pro Junior was Albee Layer, who also gave a good effort throughout the event.  However, his patented backside reverses were not enough to beat Asing and Geiselman.

“I’m definitely psyched on the Grade-3 points at the event,” Layer said. “I just really want to get to the Bali event. I think I’ll try and get back for Huntington now to try and qualify.”


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