ASP 1-Star DNA Energy Pro Junior Decides Quarterfinalists

Stop No. 3 on the 2012 ASP North America Pro Junior Series, the DNA Energy Pro Juniorís 1-Star status offers the perfect opportunity for up-and-coming surfers to establish a seed on the regional rankings.

Kanoa Igarashi.  Photo: ASPThe 2012 ASP 1-Star DNA Energy Pro Junior kicked off in peaky three foot surf at Florida’s New Smyrna Beach Inlet and quickly narrowed the field down from the Round of 64 to decide the event’s 16 Quarterfinalists.

Kanoa Igarashi (Huntington Beach, CA), 14, opened his DNA Energy Pro Junior campaign in sharp form despite having minimal knowledge of the New Smyrna Beach lineup and dominated three heats to advance to the Quarterfinals amidst the consistently changing conditions.

“I’m super tired because I just got back from three weeks in Australia,” Igarashi said. “So, to surf three heats, I’m super tired, but that’s how it is. It was almost like I was getting used to the wave over those last three heats. I’ve never surfed here. I only surfed here once before and the conditions change so much. For my first heat it was small and fun with good sections, and my second heat it was dead low tide and it’s a whole different wave again.”

Igarashi has already found success at the ASP Pro Junior level, but had decided to focus on his amateur career over the previous seasons and is now taking a more serious approach towards ASP Pro Junior events.

“This is actually my third or fourth Pro Junior event, I did a couple when I was really young, about two years ago, when I was coming with my friends and I made the Quarters in one event, but I knew I was still too young,” Igarashi said. “I decided to take time off and here I am again, starting over from scratch and it’s really fun.”

Igarashi, who has been extremely successful in the amateur ranks, is focused on a top-notch result at the DNA Energy Pro Junior and is hoping a strong finish in Florida will help kick-start a successful run on the 2012 ASP North America Pro Junior Series.

“It’d mean a lot to win this thing,” Igarashi said. “I really want to do well in Pro Juniors and make a little bit of money. I love doing contests, that’s what I do. It’d really mean the world to me to win this contest, because it’s the first one that I’ve really focused on in my career."


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