Malia Manuel Takes 2011 ASP Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro

Malia Manuel and Courtney Conlogue were at the top of their game at the 2011 ASP Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Women's Pro. The two surf masters were dropping unbelievably high scores throughout the entire event.

Malia Manuel.  Photo: Aquashot/aspeurope.comMalia Manuel was victorious at the 2011 ASP Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Women’s Pro defeating Courtney Conlogue in a high-scoring final 16.76 to 14.34 in tough 3-4ft waves. The Hawaiian sensation is now on the verge of qualifying for the 2012 ASP Women’s World Tour.

Manuel took an early head start with a solid 7.83 out of 10 in the 35-minute Final. At the midway mark, Manuel found her backup score with a combination of forehand hacks to secure an excellent 8.93 which set her victory in stone.

“I am so happy. I couldn’t believe the luck I had throughout the event and everything coming together and pulling through for me in this contest," said Manuel. "I was nervous because Courtney can easily get a 9 and she is a great competitor.”

Malia Manuel was on an unstoppable role after an incredible semi-final performance which saw her claim the highest single score and heat total of the event, 18.63 out of 20. Another right-hander helped her secure an impressive 9.60 out of 10.

“I was hoping to have the same kind of Final as I did in the semi-final. Luckily the waves held up and we got some good juicy waves. It was definitely nerve racking thinking that the semi was going to be my best heat.”

Courtney Conlogue, the 2010 champion, was gracious in defeat and full of praise for her opponent as she passed the ASP 6-Star Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro title over to Manuel.Needing a 9-point ride, Conlogue gave it her all to pull back the lead and only fell short on a punchy right that came close to acquiring the score.

“She (Manuel) was surfing really well and I just didn’t find the waves that opened up for me. It was close for sure. I got one but I needed to get that extra turn out of it to solidify the wave. She had that one right that which was insane and I was saying ‘damn’ as I didn’t have priority and I knew she was going to crank the score on that one.”

ASP Europe Women’s ranking leader Cannelle Bulard and her nearest rival and close friend Justine Dupont finished equal third, rounding off the podium at the 2011 ASP Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Women's Pro.


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