Heitor Alves' Results At The ASP Prime Isla Canarias Santa Pro Speak For Themselves

Heitor Alves dominated the 2010 ASP Prime Isla Canarias Santa Pro and with the newly acquired World Ranking points, he is well on his way to securing a position on the ASP World Tour.

Heitor Alves.  Photo: aquashot/aspeurope.comNo one was able to stop Heitor Alves as he pushed through the final day of the ASP Prime Isla Canarias Santa Pro and defeated Cory Lopez to take the event win.

The entire day was a piece of cake for Heitor Alves and the results represent a giant step to securing his position on the 2011 ASP World Tour.

Event officials decided to hold the competition at San Juan which offered the best wave conditions despite the winds. It was Heitor Alves who set the pace from his opening quarter-final appearance right through to the 35-minute final.

An ecstatic Alves leaves Europe with a ‘hat-trick’ of victories following wins in the ASP Men’s Star Series 6-Star events in Zarautz and Figueira da Foz.

“I can’t believe it," said Alves. "I was very concentrated today in the water and once again the good vibrations were on my side again.(laughs) I had very good luck the whole contest and I have been training so it paid off for sure.”

Not once did he find himself in second position, opening all his encounters with excellent rides which were never contested by his opponents.

The results of the event speak for themselves: the 2 highest two-wave combined totals of the event and five of the top 10 best scoring rides

“I got 9.00 point rides on my first waves and I kept my concentration when I was riding to not fall off my board. I also tried to stay relaxed and think about my moves to make the heat.”

The 6500 ASP World Ranking points gained with this victory all but secures Alves in next year’s elite World Tour squad for the 2011 season. Heading into the final two major Prime events to be held in Hawaii, Alves has now a completely different approach to the upcoming contests.


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