2010 ASP 6-Star Billabong Women's Azores Islands Pro

A second place finish at the 2010 ASP 6-Star Billabong Women's Azores Islands Pro has moved Courtney Conlogue up to spot No. 5 on the ASP Women’s World Ranking.

Billabong Women's Azores Islands Pro.  Photo: aquashot/aspeurope.comCalifornia native, Courtney Conlogue, gave an impressive performance at the ASP 6-Star Billabong Women’s Azores Islands Pro to finish second behind reigning ASP Women’s World Junior Champion Laura Enever. 

In a grueling final against Enever, Courtney Conlogue launched out to an early lead, putting the young Australian in need of a combination of two scores in the beginning of their matchup. Unfortunately for the young Californian, Enever capitalized on two clutch waves in the back half of the heat.

“I never felt I had the win in my hands especially in a 35-minute final,” Conlogue said. “You never know what is going to come in and when to have priority and how to hold it because it is a gamble out there.”

Conlogue’s charge to the Final was no easy task however, as the hungry up-and-comer topped ASP Women’s World No. 2 Sally Fitzgibbons in the Quarterfinals and current ASP Women’s Dream Tour campaigner Claire Bevilacqua, in the Semifinals to earn her Final appearance.

“Definitely none of these heats are easy,” Conlogue said. “With these waves you really have to work twice as hard."

Conlogue will continue her quest for a spot amongst the Top 17 at the next Women’s ASP Star event, the ASP 6-Star Cabreiroa Surfing Girls in Pantin, Spain, which runs from August 27 through 29, 2010.


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