6.0 Cash for Tricks 2010: Joan Duru Wins In Seignosse, France

What could be better than surfing among the world's best on a sunny day and getting cash after every round? The 6.0 Cash for Tricks event has such a laid-back atmosphere that one could almost forget that it is a competition.

6.0 Cash for Tricks 2010.  Photo: aquashot/aspeurope.comThe Frenchman Joan Duru took first place at the 2010 6.0 Cash for Tricks on the beaches of Les Bourdaines in Seignosse, France

Out of a sixty-man field, Joan Duru was left standing and claimed the 610€ prize for has efforts throughout the three heats. Despite a knee injury, Duru dominated the half-hour final and his fast left-handers trumped the day's best 10 athletes at Cash for Tricks.

“I couldn’t hope for anything better today coming back from a knee injury that’s kept me away from the water for a month,” Duru said. “We all had a great time today and to claim that event win is icing on the cake right now.”

Duru was able to best both the 17-year-old French athlete Tom Cloarec and last year’s ASP European Junior No. 3 Frederico Morais with a perfect execution of the “Superman” air move.

“It’s great to get the chance to give it your best at the most spectacular maneuvers,” Duru said. “I just focused on going fast, high, and trying some crazy stuff and when I landed that one “Superman”, it was pretty cool.”

The event in Seignosse, France, showed off the new competition format, consisting of twelve ten-man heats in which the the surfers try to win cash by impressing the judges with their most extreme tricks.

6.0 Cash for Tricks 2010.  Photo: aquashot/aspeurope.comThe field at the 6.0 Cash for Tricks included top juniors (Under-21) like Charles Martin, Federico Morais, Dimitri Ouvre, Tom and Nelson Cloarec as well as the surf stars like Hodei Collazo, Tim Boal and Hugo Savalli. The sun was shining and all competitors displayed their skills in this relaxed, party-like competition.

“It’s really a great format and the atmosphere was excellent today,” said Charles Martin.  It’s really fun to get cash after each round like that, everyone enjoys their time at the beach and even though it’s still about winning, there’s not any pressure.”

The 2010 6.0 Cash for Tricks will make its next tour stop in Anglet, France in the second week of August 2010.


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