Dirt: The stuff dreams are made off....

This winter, the Horsefeathers Superpark Planai has undergone a major facelift and lights up in a completely new shine. What looks like enormous molehills at a first glance, is the shape of a terrain park of the next generation, making freestyledreams come true.

Planai Superpark.  Copyright: Simon VanhalIn the last season, QParks, largest snowpark supplier of the German-speaking area, established a completely new dimension of Snowparks on the Planai, one of the most advanced winter sport regions in Austria. With the Horsefeathers Superpark Planai, a first-class freestyle project has finally been realized. Besides numerous kickers serving all sizes and skill levels, the park scores especially with the immense offerings of boxes ranging from doublekinked and straight boxes up to downrails and picnic-tables. For the up-coming season, the Superpark was completely revised and thereby, the Planai- Hochwurzen-Railways together with the QParks-crew have surpassed themselves.

According to the Austrian pro Marco Hafez, “last year the park was already cool. This year, however, the new terrain works will make it absolutely perfect”, also addressing the good job park-designer Bernd Mandlberger has done. After meticulous work on the computer throughout the summer, the whole hillside has been dug up so that finally nobody could miss the result: The largest earth-terrain park Europe has ever seen! The entire area has been extended, new features such as a new 3-laned kicker-line for advanced riders were installed, and the area for intermediates and beginners was enlarged by brand-new rails and boxes. The only thing missing at the moment is snow.

But also in this respect, the new terrain forms bear many advantages. Since the shape is already given by the terrain, much less snow is needed than for traditional parks. Hence, it becomes possible to open the park much earlier than in the past, much to the delight of the riders. Even from an environmental perspective, the park requires less artificially produced snow and fewer operations by heavy machines. On a long run, these measures save plenty of energy, water and fuel.


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