Wangl Tangl 2012: Impressive Final Results In Austria

In true Wängl Tängl style, the 2012 event awarded creativity and innovation. There were many winners, but Jake Collins took home the most cash for tricks with his back to back moves on the massive mini-ramp. A free open-air concert capped off the night at Musik Pavillion.

Wangl Tangl event winners.  Photo: Event HostOn Thursday, March 22nd, the snow finals at the 2012 Vans Wängl Tängl in Mayrhofen, Austria, took riding with a crew to the next level as seasoned veterans edged out hungry up and comers to take home cash and glory.

The Finns of team “Triple Cock” chose innovative lines and stomped their landings for first place at the 10th anniversary of this legendary snow event. Out of the gate Janne Korpi, Peetu Piiroinen & Ville Uotila rapidly fired tricks with gunfire style 720’s over the first kicker.

The crowd went crazy when Peetu Piiroinen popped a huge backside 1080 over the second kicker while Ville transferred backside 360 over Janne’s backflip 180.

Down at the Red Bull End Section it got even wilder with Peetu’s switch front board to switch crippler in the pipe, Ville’s backside 180 transfer over the wallride and Janne brought it home with an Alley Oop Backside Rodeo. 

The 2nd place team YMCA admittedly had the best team uniform and huge style. Mathias Weissenbacher, Clemens Schattschneider & Adrian Krainer kept riding the Vans Penken Park long after the contest was over – but during the event it was moves like a Switch Double Back Flip 180 by Clemens and back to back 1080’s from Mathias that won over the crowd. Mathias’ moves earned him the award for Most Impressive Rider of the Day.

“The Collective” Max Buri, Boris Bühler & Tor Lundström walked away with the 3rd place prize and Eric Willett, Arthur Longo, & Kalle Ohlson from Team Off The Wall enjoyed the laid back contest vibe while jumping and spinning their way into 4th.

The Best Line of The Day for 2012 went to Ville Uotila for his creative use of the course. His innovative approach to transfers, stomped frontside 360 bonk on the Fiat Up Box and a massive backside 180 over the wall ride were a pleasure to watch. Best Jib went to 4th place “Off The Wall” team members Arthur Longo and Kalle Ohlson for their miller flip high five.

After the conclusion of the snow finals, the action was starting in the village of Mayrhofen with the skate qualification round and a Best Trick Session.


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Wangl Tangl 2012. Photo: Event Host

2012 Wangl Tangl: Day Two Qualifier Results

First place qualifiers at yesterday’s 10th Anniversary Vans Wängl Tängl in Mayrhofen are Austrian bad boys “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” Peter Sandner, Florian Trattner and Stephan Wimmer rounded out the day with overall best team performance.

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