Finnish riders dominate The 5ive Barbecue

On last Saturday more than 120 snowboarders and freeskiers competed against each other in an exciting slopestyle contest on a very high sportive level at the appealingly prepared Alpspitzpark.

Sprung im Dunkeln.  Copyright: Stefan EignerFor The 5ive Barbecue, the brand new Alpspitzpark presented itself in best shape. The numerously attendant participants found an innovative and creative designed snowpark with many different, extravagant jib-obstacles for all riding levels, on which the riders visibly had a lot of fun. Also a nice kicker has been integrated into the setup. Approximately 2.000 visitors came to join the unofficial inauguration of the new park and an unforgettable slopestyle celebration at a cozy atmosphere with sound by DJ Big Joe and a formidable barbecue.

Way more riders than possible wanted to register for The 5ive Barbecue, but in the categories Snowboard Men and Girls also up to 200 TTR world ranking points could be collected here. Due to the heavy run on the starting places, the field of riders has been enhanced up to 120 starters.

After an extensive practice, in which the riders could get familiar with the setup, the first out of three qualification heats started at 2 pm with a jam session. The riders had three 45 minutes qualification heats to ride as often as possible and to impress the judges. The contest format appealed to the riders and a relaxed session on a very high sportive level emerged.

Snowboarder auf der Rail.  Copyright: Stefan EignerIn the late afternoon the floodlights were switched on for the upcoming finals. In the categories snowboard and Freeski Kids, Girls and Men the best eight riders each advanced into the finals and here had to prevail in a line consisting of a multifunctional obstacle and the kicker. In the category Snowboard Men Nikki Korpela and Joonas Mustonen from Finland caused a real furore and dominated this category obviously with highly technical runs and a lot of style. Nikki became first, Joonas second and Christoph Weberhofer from Austria secured himself the third place. In the category Ski Men the Germans prevailed against their contestants. Roy Kittler, who won the Stubai Jam, was also invincible in Nesselwang despite a strong concurrence. Florian Geyer became second and hardly prevailed against the third placed Sebastian Geiger.

Around 7 pm a very special doublekink-uprail obstacle in the lower part of the snowpark came into spotlight for the Best Trick Contest. This obstacle offered various trick possibilities and the visitors enjoyed the spectacle, where the riders showed creative and stylish transfer tricks in all variations.

Florian Geyer dominated the Freeskiing concurrence with a nice gap450-270out and Sascha Vossen was the one who impressed the judges in the snowboarder’s category the most with a perfect gap450-to-backside-boardslide-270off.



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