2010 TTR Tour 4Star Style Wars: Biggest Event Of The Season

The Southern Hemisphere leg of the Swatch TTR World Tour moves on to Australia next week where the 4Star Stylewars competition will take place at Falls Creek from August 23rd to the 25th, 2010.

2010 Style Wars.  Photo: A. RobertsA selected number of riders will be making the trek from New Zealand where the 5Star Burton New Zealand Open just wrapped up. Among those riders is current Swatch TTR World Tour leader, Gjermund Braaten, who will register his fourth result of the 2010 season.

The 4star Stylewars features different event formats over the course of three days, but it is the slopestyle format that will count as an official TTR result.

Back in June, the 2010/11 Swatch TTR Tour season kicked off for the men with the 5Star Billabong Ante Up and continued with the Burton New Zealand Open, the second major event on the tour for the men.

Some of the younger riders on tour have been taking advantage of the early season events including current World No. 1, Gjermund Braaten, World No. 4, Mark McMorris, World No. 9, Sebastien Toutant, World No. 8, Kevin Backstrom as well as upcoming talents Eric Willett and Matts Kulisek.

With this mix of heavy international competition combined with the local talent of Australia, the 2010 Stylewars competition is set to go off.

After the Stylewars competition wraps up, the TTR Tour will return to New Zealand for the 3Star Billabong Bro Down taking place on September 11th, 2010 at Snowpark. Stylewars and Bro Down will mark the close of the 2010/11 Southern Hemisphere leg of the TTR Tour.

2010 Style Wars.  Photo: A. RobertsEvents and riders will take a break for the autumn months before winter returns to the Northern Hemisphere. The first 6Star event of the season for the Northern Hemisphere will be the recently announced Oakley Air & Style Beijing that is scheduled for December 1-5, 2010.


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