Engadinsnow: Fantastic conditions at the freeride event

The mountain guides made a very good job and prepared the north face of Mount Corvatsch during the past three weeks so well that the 43 riders from 10 countries could show a spectacular show.

Raphael Bullet.  Copyright: Marc WeilerFraser Mc Dougall from New Zealand won this breathtaking freeride competition for the freeski category and Flo Örley from Austria was the winner for the Snowboarders. 

Fraser Mc Dougall showed the crowd a top class ride.  He completed his technical difficult run with the most fluidity. His clean sticked jumps convinced the jury. He won with a short advance of 1,4 points. Second placed was Sebastian Hannemann from Germany. The third place went to the freeskier Lucas Swieykowski (Argentina) and Sam Smoothy (New Zealand) with equal points.

For the girls freeski category there was a victory from New Zealand as well. Janina Kuzma won the competition. The second place went to the German Lena Stoffel, third got Eva Walkner (Austria).

Telemark skier Joonas Karhumma from Finland run one of the most difficult lines. He won clearly in the category telemark. The second place went to the Swiss Grégory Gillabert. Karhumma showed a difficult line with a lot of jumps and the spectator were amazed to see what all is possible on telemark skis.

Freeride Contest on Piz Corvatsch.  Copyright: Andy MettlerFlo Örley convinced with a spectacular line through a delicate terrain named after him „flobox“ in the category snowboard and won the demanded trophy of the Stimorol Engadinsnow. On second place is top snowboarder Ueli Kestenholz. The Swiss Xavier Jordan finished his run on the third place. The last years winner Aline Bock (Germany) won the category snowboard women. Second was the Swiss Nathalie Zenklusen and Maria Kuzma from New Zealand finished the competition on place three. She contributed with that to the great achievements of the riders from New Zealand. 


Big Mountain Pro: Xavier de le Rue wins

Xavier de le Rue has won the 2009 Big Mountain Pro after being voted best snowboarder as well as the overall winner of the competition with his signature dynamic and fluid riding.


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