Snowboarding and Freeskiing at the Snowpark Dachstein West

On January 15th a QParks video- and photo crew took a couple of Snowboarders and Freeskiers to the Snowpark Dachstein West to try the new obstacles. Check out the Videos and Photos!

Snowpark Dachstein West.  Photo: Roland Haschka/QParksAccompanied by a QParks video- and photo team, the riders Kathi Gappmayr, Vinzent Holzapfl, Tine Müller, Nadine Härtinger and many more met with the shape crews from Dachstein West and the Kings Park Hochkönig on January 15th to put the park to the test. Check out the Video-Clips below the article.

After the shooting Park Designer Pavel Stratil answered a few questions about the park and the session

Snowpark Dachstein West.  Photo: Roland Haschka/QParks, you had the first film and photo session in the new Snowpark Dachstein West. Work or Fun, which word describes the session the best?
“It was such a nice session. Meeting up with the Hochkönig shape crew, some locals and a few snowboard girls to check out the whole park setup was amazing! Thus, we also forgot about doing a lunch break; definitely a unique day in the park, with perfect snow conditions and blue-bird!”

How did the Hochkönig shape crew like the park setup?
“Karl and his crew especially enjoyed the medium line with the funbox and its corners to the left and the right side. Also, the locals who knew the park from last year were stoked about the new medium line.”

Snowpark Dachstein West.  Photo: Roland Haschka/QParksWhat was your personal highlight from this session?
“All in all, it was the session as a whole which made me happy. It was more about doing stylish and creative tricks at the different obstacles of the medium-, jib- and beginner line instead of outgunning each other with harder tricks! But what impressed me the most was one of the local freeskiers, who jumped about 16m from the corner takeoff to the landing of the roller. In his second try, he went even faster

For more information check the website of the Snowpark Dachstein West.

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