Snowboard FIS World Cup 2010: Helene Olafsen and Pierre Vaultier Win Cross Race

Helene Olafsen from Norway and Pierre Vaultier from France have won the last snowboard cross race of the 2010 competition. They enjoy the podium as their defeated competitors analyze their decisive mistakes.

Pierre Vaultier.  Photo: FIS/Oliver KrausIn La Molina, Spain, Helene Olafsen defeated competitors Simona Meiler, Maelle Ricker and Alexandra Jekova on the women's side of the LG Snowboard FIS World Cup

Maelle Ricker was indeed pleased with today’s race but not with the 600 points she collected for the third rank. The 31-year-old has earned a total of 5,000 points and sits in the lead with 200 points over Nicolien Sauerbreij. 

“I for sure was hoping for a little bit more than that," said Ricker.  "It’s nice to be on the podium but now it will be a tight thing. I will be around and watch on Sunday,” the 2010 Olympic Champion said.

Ricker commented  also on the decisive moment as she lost to Helene Olafsen.

“I lost a lot of speed. Helene Olafsen was so fast and passed me. It was a course where you cannot make any mistakes.”

Snowboard FIS World Cup 2010.  Photo: FIS/Oliver KrausDue to the successful passing manoeuvre Helene Olafsen was able to seize the win in the last moment. 

“I knew that I was able to gain more speed before the jump in the middle section and I took advantage of it,” said Olafsen. “It’s nice to be on the podium. I’m very tired. The Olympics and a long season were very exhausting. This is for sure a perfect ending of the season.”

For the men, Pierre Vaultier celebrated his season’s fifth victory on the 2011 FIS Snowboard World Championships slope ahead of Alex Pullin, Pat Holland and Alberto Schiavon. 

Five victories, one runner-up and one 16th rank finally summed up in his second World Cup title after 2008 and also caused a noticeable relief after a disappointing race at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

“It’s a nice redemption and very important for my confidence. It was a great season and I hope that I will be able to tie up to it next year,” said Vaultier. “I for sure will try to keep hold on my title. It’s one of my goals as well as doing well here at the next World Championships. I want to win as many races as possible.”

Helene Olafsen and Pierre are all smiles as the celebrate their wins at the LG Snowboard FIS World Cup. 


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