Winter-Start in SNOW DOME Bispingen – The Fall Weekend

Not only the diverse and newly arranged QParks set-up, but also the extensive program made more than hundreds of enthusiastic freestylers take part at the “Fall Weekend”.

Fall Weekend Bispingen.  Foto: Roland HaschkaLast weekend in the SNOW DOME Bispingen let no space for autumnal depressions. On the contrary, the riders were extremely motivated looking ahead to a great weekend and in change rewarded the numerous spectators with stunning rides at the highest level. Besides well-known DOME locals centered around Torge Nagel, Jonel Fricke, Lars Scherneck and Moritz Nolting, also new faces, like the ISENSEVEN lads found their way to the SNOW Park Bispingen. No matter if at the park or at the after-parties: They all stepped on the gas properly. They have shown indeed, that the SNOW PARK Bispingen offers ideal pre-seasonal conditions for training and competition.

From the first day on, Freerider-Teamrider Benni Urban and Karsten Boyens pushed the session. The riders were inspired by watching the tricks of the pros while sitting on the chairlift. Afterwards they presented their brand-new moves and stylez at the photo- and filmsession. In the early afternoon the biggest part of the ISENSEVEN Crew around Alex Schiller, Esel, Chris Patsch, Michi Zirngibl, Peter König and the “Straussen Twins” showed up to judge and emcee the Freerider Tag- Team Collekta contest.

Fall Weekend Bispingen.  Foto: Roland HaschkaThe present Pros and even more the first price cheered on the participants to a maximum performance. After all, the price was cruising to Hamburg in a fourteen meter long stretch- Hummer-Limousine for attending the video-premiere of the new ISENSEVEN movie “Let’s go get Lost”, or not.After four amazing runs, the winners within the 10 men and 2 women-teams were fixed: The girls winning-team was Jojo Blum and Jana Eichholm. The men’s team, consisting of Jonel Fricke and Lars Scherneck, followed by the Tag Team Felix Harsch and Marlon Boeger, could reach the highest score. Together with their friends, the winning crews arrived in Hamburg to celebrate until the early morning.

After most of the people got through the party night in Hamburg safely, some hour’s later nine men crews and one women crew competed once again in the freshly shaped SNOW PARK Bispingen. The SNOW DOME was filled up fast by the audience and after lunchtime, the rail and kickerlines were highly frequented. While some of the riders warmed up for the contest, others availed themselves the opportunity to test the brand-new stuff of the best brands.

Starting at 3.30 pm, the „Better Together Crew Battle Vol. 2“ heated up the SNOW DOME. In crews of three, the teams competed for the title with creative performances and good moves. After three runs, the following teams were elected: The “Stornauten” Jonel Fricke, Torge Nagel, Moritz Nolting and Gianni Baggenstoss in the males category, as well as Lisa Dickel, Pia Gärtner and Saskia Siegmund in the ladies judging. At 8 pm, winners, patrons and freestyle enthusiasts came together at the “Dorfwirt” for the presentation ceremony. Besides a lot of goodies from the winner’s partners, one of the newslettersubscribers was chosen lucky winner of an annual ticket for the SNOW DOME Bispingen! The finale of the weekend also took place at the “Dorfwirt”: At the after-party, riders got the chance to either toast on the third birthday of the SNOW DOME or think back together with their friends over an awesome event-series full of action and fun in the first season of the QPark inside the SNOW DOME Bispingen!

For details, results, pictures and the webclip check out:

Enni Rukajarvi.  Copyright: Rudi Wyhlidal

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