Skullcandy Railbattle 2012 GV constructions kills Zoetermeer

This year the Skullcandy Railbattle 2012 was back again with a brand new setup made and hosted by Gerben Verweij of GV Constructions. With the course beeing demolished by an army of kids and veterans, it was a great contest to watch this already 6th edition of the event. Check the video!

It's good to see how a sport grows in a country it wasn't men't to be for. It seems like every year Gerben Verweij knows how to makes his own contest better and better each year.

Gerben Verweij
This year again the Skullcandy Railbattle 2012 had an absolute perfect setup with snowboarders and skiers from around the country.
Even tho the snow was taking a beating by the warm sun, non of the riders really seemed to care and where trowing down good tricks.
Sound was provided by turntable extraordinaire DJ Boehmer and friends. I'm looking forward to next years Skullcandy Railbattle its always a fun day for riders of all ages

1. Max de Vries

2. Jesse Augustinus

3. Pieter Krall

1. Rachida AouladelHajamar

2. Veroniqi Hanssen

3. Melissa Peperkamp

1. Kas Lemmens

2. Boas van Olden

3. Cees Wille
Ski Men

1. Mees van Lierop

2. Sebastiaan Renooy

3. Jelle van den Berg
Ski Ladies

1. Canisia Romani

2. Isabelle Hanssen

3. Katrien Aerts
Photography: Daphne Wijkhuizen
Video: Tim Schiphorst
Text: David van Gessel

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