Elias Elhardt Wins Relentless Big Air Stuttgart 2011

With clear domination, and outstanding performance in the superfinal, Elias Elhardt won the 5 Star Relentless Big Air Stuttgart. Victor de le Rue grabbed second place and third place went to current TTR Big Air World Tour leader Roope Tonteri.

Big Air Stuttgart.  Photo: TTR ProWith wind and snow issues in the morning, the 2011 Relentless Big Air Stuttgart had a rocky start. Hurricane Joachim created quite a stir, canceling Friday's training session and causing the organization to seal off the event site.

The crew in Stuttgart was faced with the challenge to prepare ideal conditions for today's competition, but as the winds calmed the contest took off and presented thousands of spectators some top notch snowboarding.

"It's obviously super cool to win in your home country, the crowd went wild. It's both the first and last contest for me this season, as I will concentrate on filming. Therefore it couldn't have been a better day," says favorite Elias Elhardt, who won the contest with his Frontside 360 Stalefish - Frontside Boardslide run for style, and a Frontside 900 Melon - 270 Frontside Boardslide on his technical run.

Big Air Stuttgart.  Photo: TTR ProWith those two runs combined, Elias Elhardt had the highest score in the super final.

Another 5Star TTR Big Air contest wrapped up, Roope Tonteri is still solidly leading the TTR Big Air World Tour Ranking. German Ethan Morgan moved up into the Big Air second place. There were no changes in the overall ranking results - Roope Tonteri is still ranked 3rd.

In anticipation of the World Snowboarding Championships from 10-19 february in Oslo, Norway, riders have another few chances in the last days of 2011 to qualify for the Halfpipe and Slopestyle disciplines. The 4Star Events US Revolution Tour and the Burton Pro-Test will provide opportunities in the USA.


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