Joint winners at Oakley Arctic Challenge Highest Air

The Oakley Arctic Challenge kicked off with the ‘Highest Air’ format, a separate contest allocated only to straight Airs and does not account for TTR points.

3rd place for Terje Haakonsen.  Copyright: Tommy SolstadDaniel Josefsen (NOR) and Shayne Pospisil (USA) became the riders of the day in Linderudkollen, Oslo, both jumping 6.8m in front of over 1.000 enthusiastic spectators and taking home 6.000 US Dollar each. Before the event, speculation was flying that Terje Haakonsen’s (NOR) 9.8m record could be broken by the heavy hitting field consisting of Pearce (USA), Sorsa (FIN), and Mattila (FIN), however, unfavourable weather conditions were conspiring against the new world record being set.
“It is difficult to adjust the speed in this weather, so the level of riding is not as good as the two previous days. When you ride that fast into a transition all the details count, so the weather was definitely an important factor this time”, said competitor and event organiser, Terje Haakonsen.

While riders at Quarterpipe events on the TTR Tour are usually judged on their trick variation and amplitude, today, judges were mainly looking for height. Riders dropped down a 130m in-run at speeds of over 80 km/h, launching themselves off the scientifically shaped 10.6m Quarterpipe.  Josefsen and Pospisil came like freight trains at the giant wall of ice, consistently hovering over 6m. Pospisil was pumped after becoming the joint winner with Josefsen and looking forward to the main event.  “I hope it will just turn out as good as last year but today was a good start to the Arctic Challenge and I am really looking forward to Saturday”, he said
The day began with 22 aspiring riders seeking to make it through to the 12 man finals. Pospisil and Josefsen, along with Terje Haakonsen and Arthur Longo (FRA) were dominating over the rest of the competition. These four riders kept upping the ante, pushing each other to go higher but in the end Pospisil and Josefsen prevailed with Terje Haakonsen and Arthur Longo sharing third place. Although the main focus was the Highest Air, also a prize of 2000 US Dollar for Best Style was awarded to Josefsen for a sweet BS 360 Indy.
Since its creation in 1999, The Oakley Arctic Challenge has become one of the most respected contests on the TTR calendar and still holds values such as independence, creativity, progression and environmental responsibility in high regard.  A true contest for riders by riders, which has seen two world records broken and increased snowboarding’s profile positively also among a broader audience. In the spirit of progression this unique Highest Air format was introduced to keep pushing the limits and development of the snowboard sport.

Results from the Oakley Arctic Challenge Highest Air
1. Shayne Pospisil, USA, 6.8m
1. Daniel Josefsen, NOR, 6.8m
3. Terje Haakonsen, NOR, 6.0m
3. Arthur Longo, FRA, 6.0m 
5  Kevin Pearce, USA, 5.9m

Oakley Arctic Challenge.  Foto: Veranstalter

Oakley Arctic Challenge 2009: Epic final in Oslo

The TTR World Snowboard Tour is rocketing along to an epic final and with just two 6Star competitions remaining, it is do or die time for the riders. Coming up in Oslo, Norway, is the world’s most prestigious contest, The Oakley Arctic Challenge 2009.

Torah Bright.  Foto: Burton

Final countdown of the World Snowboard Tour

The upcoming Nissan X-trail Asian Open from February 24th to March 3rd in Alts Bandai, Japan, presents riders with a great chance to climb the world ranking.


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