Kelly Clark dominates Roxy Chicken Jam at Mammoth Mountain

Kelly Clark dominates in the halfpipe ahead of the ultimate showdown. Mercedes Nicoll and Sarah Conrad are following on the podium. The fight for the TTR-Crown goes for the final round.

Kelly Clark.  Copyright: Mark Welch It was a perfect bluebird day at Mammoth Mountain, California, USA, with Kelly Clark (USA) pulling ahead of the rest of the pack to claim first place at the 6-Star Roxy Chicken Jam Halfpipe competition. Her win confirmed her status as one of the world's premiere women snowboarders and moved her into World No. 3, ready to make a move for the 08/09 Women's TTR Champion Title.  Mercedes Nicoll (CAN) put down a smooth run to claim second place and Sarah Conrad (CAN) took the third spot on the podium.
Set at the main base area at Mammoth Mountain, the pipe had a nice shape and softened up in the sun allowing the ladies to put together some great runs throughout the day.  A field of 24 women dropped into the pipe for a morning semi-finals session that was narrowed down to 12 riders for finals in the afternoon. The finals session was a jam format, so riders were hustling to put together some big progressive runs. The Mammoth winds kicked up halfway through the finals giving the ladies a bit of an added challenge.
Kelly lived up to her reputation today as 'Queen of the Halfpipe' and took home her second consecutive Roxy Chicken Jam win.  This puts her in excellent position to go after her first TTR World Title in tomorrow's Slopestyle competition." The title would be an amazing bonus to a really great season to me right now" said
Kelly Clark setting her eyes on the prize.  "It would just be like icing on the cake." 
Kelly took full ownership of the pipe with her signature amplitude and smooth style. Definitely going the largest of the day, Kelly put up a Frontside Air, Backside 540 Mute, Frontside 540, Method, Frontside 720 and a Cab 720 to claim the top spot on the podium.
The supportive crowd saw Mercedes Nicoll (CAN) giving it her all with a run that consisted of a Frontside Air, Backside 540, Frontside 720, Cab 360 and a Backside 720. And, Sarah Conrad (CAN) was able to lock in third place with a great run throwing down a Method, Frontside 540, Backside 540, Air-to-Fakie, Cab 540 and finished with a Switch Alley-Oop 540. 
The  TTR Ranking was significantly shaken up today as riders clamber to climb into the top 3.  Fat portions of the $200 000 USD prize purse and guaranteed invites to next season's major events were acting as incentives for all the contenders to up the amplitude and stomp the unstompable. 


      1  Anderson, Jamie  USA  7  821.35 
      2  Wiik, Lisa  NOR  7  804.27 
      3  Clark, Kelly  USA  6  787.62 
      4  Maas, Cheryl  NED  7  765.69 
      5  Mittermueller, Silvia  GER  7  758.49 
      6  Candrian, Sina  SUI  7  746.88 
      7  Oestgaard Buaas, Kjersti  NOR  6  735.95 
      8  Pancochova, Sarka  CZE  7  714.95 
      9  Hollingsworth, Ellery  USA  7  669.84 
      10  Sladics, Chanelle  USA  7  622.26 

Raphy Gillioz from Switzerland.  Copyright: C. Margot

Four Freeride World Champions were crowned in Verbier

The Frenchmen, Xavier de Le Rue in snowboard and Aurelien Ducroz in ski, are the Freeride World Champions 2009 while taking incredible victories on the mythical Bec des Rosses.

Winner Jiayu Liu.  Foto: FIS - Oliver Kraus

Halfpipe: Snowboard World Cup titles go to Asia

In the last halfpipe competition of the 2009 Snowboard FIS World Cup which took place in Valmalenco, Italy, Jiayu Liu (CHN) and Gary Zebrowski (FRA) dominated the competition.


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