Interview with John Rodosky: Its all about slapping air and grabbing hang time!!!

Amplid is proud to announce that John Rodosky has signed an agreement with the Amplid Research Cartel. John is born on 22nd September 1989 in Laguna Beach, Orange County, but lives and rides up at Jackson Hole during the winter months.

John Asking John, how he is describing his riding style, he states: “Tricks are for kids, I only do stunts and maneuvers... I'm all about the crowd pleasers, like backflips off flat boxes !”

“He is an extremely talented and motivated athlete – kids will get to see his riding in the Amplid Team Video being released this autumn”, says Amplid Founder Peter Bauer. "Plus John has an extraordinary feel for equipment, flexlines and materials. A very important add in our research team as well.”

John’s interview:

What do you consider your most precious achievements in your live as a rider?
When you get ultra gnarly and all your friends are hooting and hollering is about as precious as it gets, arguably more precious than a basket of kittens.

What do you do when you don't ride?
Skateboard, mountain bike, jump on my trampoline.

What if you got five hours to use Bill Gate's credit card. What would you do?
Buy massive amounts of property, and a pet panther to strike down evil.

What is there what money can't buy for you?
Talent, Style, Knowledge, and Davids Pistono's unconditional love.

You need to spend the rest of your live on an island - what would you bring?
Surfboard. Sunscreen. Food. Shark attack survival tips volumes 1 and 2.

Gimme 3 losers and 3 winners of this planet!
Losers: People without beards, assholes, road bikers.
Winners: people with beards, snowboarders, spongebob squarepants.

Your top 5 loves?
My only 3 friends. Family. Snowboarding. Jackson Hole. Fresh snow.

And your top 5 hates...
Haters. Being injured. Deadly snakes. Gasoline. Fast food.

Your top 5 bands?
Modest mouse. Zygodactylz. American Analog Set. Voxtrot. Muse.

What kind of food are you into?
Lucky Charms, Sushi, Mead Ranch Natural Beef, Kraft Mac N' Cheese, Pixie Sticks.

What are you most afraid of?
Being horribly maimed in a tragic accident.

John Rodosky from an interesting point of view.  Copyright: AmplidWhat's your favourite pick up phrase?
Hey sweet cheeks, you walking to your car alone in the dark later?

Which is your favourite website and why?
Youtube, because its unbelievably entertaining to watch complete strangers do very stupid things.

What would you perform in case you had to participate in a casting show?
I would sing all out of love by air supply duet style with owen read, who happens to have the most amazing voice ever.

Your daily contribution to make a better world?
Stay positive and keep it real.

How do you see yourself in 20 years from now?
Age 38, with a big bushy beard.

Anything else you would like to add?
It's all about slapping air and grabbing hang time!!!


What in your eyes made you what you are today?
The super awesome dudes who influenced me through out my life.

Your are riding since...?
Since 97'.

How did you get into this ?
I saw dudes getting ultra gnarly on shredd sticks during one of my ski lessons as a kid, so i quit skiing the next season and have been ripping it up ever since.

What is the meaning of style?
How you express yourself, be it on a happening pair of rollerblades or on a snowboard. almost Anyone can do a 360, but to make it look stylish and unique is where art and snowboarding really come together.

How would you describe your personal riding style?
Aggressive yet fluid.

What's your favorite board model and what stance are you riding?
157 Declaration, 23.5 inches wide, 18/-15, centered for cruising, set back for the freshness.

What's your best trick you are currently pulling and what are you working on?
Tricks are for kids, I only do stunts and maneuvers... i'm all about the crowd pleasers, like backflips off flat boxes.

Your favorite riding spot?
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

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