Jamie Anderson Takes TTR World Tour Lead At Burton European Open

Roope and Jamie took home a nice chunk of the $125,000 USD prize purse, in addition to securing their spots to compete in the 2012 World Snowboarding Championships taking place in Oslo, Norway in February 2012.

Women's Podium.  Photo: M LaemmerhirtRoope Tonteri and Jamie Anderson were the winners of the 6Star Burton European Open Slopestyle Finals, which was held in Laax, Switzerland. Jamie earned 1000 TTR ranking points at the day's event and has claimed the TTR World Tour lead. She is now in excellent position for the 2010/11 TTR World Tour Champion title.

This was Roope’s first 6Star title of his career, which bolstered his spot at World No. 8 in the TTR World Tour Rankings.

The course started with a jib section consisting of a down rail, a steel jib ball, choice of a mailbox stall or wall ride into a choice of a kinked rail or a flat-down box. The jib section then rolled into a quarterpipe and three progressively larger kickers.

Men's Podium.  Photo: M LaemmerhirtThe Snowboard Live Scoring (SLS) system was used for judging, which breaks down a riders run into three different aspects: tricks on the jib section, tricks on the jump section and a flow score, which looks at the overall impression of the rider's entire run.

The jib and jump trick scores counted as 60 percent of a riders final score (jumps are weighted heavier than jibs) and the flow score counted as 40 percent.

The women dropped first in a six-person final, with all three top finalists putting down their best tricks on the first run. Jamie Anderson rode with her signature smooth style stomping a backside tailslide on the down rail, a Millerflip on the steel ball, tailblunt to fakie on the mailbox and a switch boardslide to 5-0 on the kinked rail in the jib section then threw a backside alley-oop on the quarterpipe into a backside 360, frontside 360 and a huge backside 180 Japan on the kicker line.

"The win feels great! said Jamie Anderson. "I was in TTR World No. 3 and with my first place finish here at a 6Star event I moved into first place. I would love to win the TTR World Tour title again. We'll see if it's meant to be. I'm going to do my best, ride strong and hope to do well."

The men took to the course in the afternoon for a 10-man final stacked full of talent and Finnish rider, Roope Tonteri, pulled ahead of the pack on his final run to take the win. He put down a pivot to 270 out on the down rail, backside 360 nose bonk on the steel ball, an ally-oop 50-50 on the mailbox and a gap to boardslide on the box in the jib section.

Burton European Open Slopestyle Finals.  Photo: M LaemmerhirtOn the jump line, Roope did a Cab 720 on the quarterpipe and stomped a Cab 900, backside double cork 1260 and a Cab 1440 on the kicker line. Roope has been coming up through the ranks steadily, has already collected two “World Rookie Champion” Titles and was stoked with his first 6Star win today.

“I was just pushing it today trying to do my best,” Roope said after the finals, “I still can’t quite believe it, it all feels pretty unreal. I’m going to head to the rest of the 6Star TTR events and try to stay in the Top 10, so I can get invites to the events next year.”

Roope Tonteri maintains his spot in World No. 8. Reigning TTR Tour Champion, while Peetu Piiroinen, who came in second place, has moved up to World No. 5.

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