Slopestyle weekend at its finest at the Iron Night 2009

The Iron Night 2009 was a veritable success in all respects. 126 starters participated highly motivated at Crystal Ground – Snowpark Kleinwalsertal and provided a thrilling competition for the approximately 2.000 spectators and fans.

Wettkampf um den Best Trick.  Copyright: Stefan EignerAfter the extreme snowfalls during the previous days, Mother Hulda stopped her work at least temporarily on Saturday. The team of park managers had a lot to do in the days before the Iron Night to handle the immense snow masses and to provide good conditions for the competition. However, on Saturday the snowpark at the bottom of the Kanzelwand in the Kleinwalsertal presented itself in perfect condition for the contest and the riders got along very well with the challenging setup.

Already on Friday afternoon the participants had the chance to get familiar with the many different obstacles and to prepare for the contest on Saturday. On Friday evening the Playboard Party invited the already attendant Iron Night fans to a cozy warm up.

On Saturday morning a big crowd was to be seen at the riders’ accreditation. Due to the strong request for starting places, the field of starters had been extended from 100 to 126 riders in total in the categories ski and snowboard kids, girls and men without further ado.

Around 11:00 am the Iron Night 2009 started with the kids contest. Also at this tour stop the youngguns showed high class snowboarding and freeskiing with sophisticated tricks and a lot of style. In the category freeskiing Lukas Joas from Oberstdorf dominated with experienced, save riding. Felix Georgii from Sterklis was the one, who convinced the most in the category snowboard and deserved became first.

The contest for the categories snowboard and freeski girls and men started around 01:30 pm. In the qualification the riders had two runs to impress the competent and experienced judges with their skills. In each category the best eight riders made it into the semi-finals.

At nightfall the floodlights were switched on and bathed the snowpark in bright light. Also the mood of the more and more attendant spectators became more hilarious every minute and the public was looking for the upcoming finals that consisted of semi-finals, finals and super-finals.   

Boarder auf der Rail.  Copyright: Stefan EignerIn the girls’ categories high class riding could be witnessed. The snowboarders as well as the freeskiers partially showed extremely hard tricks and used the complete snowpark for their runs. 

The riding level in the mens’ categories was the highest in the Iron Night history. In thrilling final battles hardest trick combinations were shown, which were condignly rewarded with applause by the public. The snowboarder Paul Dreher from Dornbirn deserved became first and prevailed against the local hero Dominik Schuster from Mittelberg and the third placed Michael Öfner from Sellrain. In the freeski category Flo Geyer from Pfronten became first with an outstanding performance. Roy Kittler from Dresden became second. Thadde Joas from Oberstdorf and Crystal Ground local made it up the podium as third.

Subsequent to the regular contest the spectators entered the centre of the snowpark and gathered around the massive centrepiece for the Best Trick Contest. Besides an awesome upbox to drop, also a gapbox, a kinkrail as well as a picnic table were waiting for the participants. The public motivated the riders with a hilarious atmosphere and a lot of applause to hardest tricks. In the jam session the spectators even adopted the job of the judges and rated the tricks with applause. 

In the freeski category Thadde Joas prevailed against his opponents with a nice 450 on 270 off on the gapbox. In the snowboard category it was Sascha Vossen from Neuss, where the applause of the public was the loudest, after having perfectly sticked a switch one footed 50/50 to drop on the upbox.


Oakley Arctic Challenge.  Foto: Veranstalter

Oakley Arctic Challenge 2009: Epic final in Oslo

The TTR World Snowboard Tour is rocketing along to an epic final and with just two 6Star competitions remaining, it is do or die time for the riders. Coming up in Oslo, Norway, is the world’s most prestigious contest, The Oakley Arctic Challenge 2009.

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