Interview with Romain de Marchi

In our interview Romain de Marchi tells us about his troubles with the snowboarding industry, the admiration he feels for his parents and his hopes in relation to his new brand YES.

Romain de Marchi.  Foto: privateHi, please introduce yourself for a second.
Hi, my name is Romain de Marchi. I’m 29 year old. I’m from Dardagny, a little village outside of Geneva, Switzerland and I have been a pro snowboarder for 11 years.

What was the biggest success and what the worst misfortune in your career?
To always have fun in what I’m doing and never get bored of it. My worst misfortune is that the industry changed a lot and I hope that YES can bring it back to the roots.

There are many rumors, what exactly happened between you and Burton?
Well to be short on that subject they didn’t want me anymore because I wasn’t fitting the job description for them. Although they told me when I signed, that I would be in the Burton family forever (laughs).

What makes YES. NOW BOARD stand out form other brands?
It is the first brand made and run by snowboarders for snowboarders. We are against all corporate bullshit and we are making snowboards because we love it. This is why you can find really good prices in our collection.

Romain de Marchi.  Foto: privateWhat is the most joyful experience of being part of YES. NOW BOARD?
It is a new adventure and I have the chance to share it with people that are close to me.

What equipment do you ride for which terrain and why?
Well we came to YES with an all over vision of building snowboards, so our boards are made to do everything basically.

YES. NOW BOARD is a pretty positive name, do you feel it helps your brand expand?
Well we are positive people and hard defenders of non-capitalism. YES is the new no.

One of the innovations of YES is to have a “new network of sale”. What kind of network is it? How do they sell the decks?
Well we have the core shop which is very limited per country and we have the web where kids can buy special limited editions. When one edition is sold, another is made with famous artists.

Romain de Marchi.  Foto: privateHow can you get a more skateboarding related wipe into the snowboard scene?
Well, doing that kind of sale program with no season just all year round.

Which was the best event you’ve ever been to and why?
I would say the X Trail Jam in
Tokyo; those guys know how to treat rock stars like me.

What is pure luxury for you?
Being happy everyday.

Have you got a hero? If so who and why?
I would say my parents are my heroes. They put me on this planet and inspired me, guided me to become who I am.

Romain de Marchi.  Foto: privateWhat are your personal goals for the upcoming season?
That YES would bring a new movement into snowboarding and that I keep doing what I love.

Where do you see snowboarding in ten years time?
Don’t ask me that. Just enjoy what you have when you have it.

What is your dream vacation destination?
It’s gonna sound cliché, but
Hawaii is a really good place to go for chilling and recharging your battery.

The last book, film or album that amazed you?
I’m reading an ecological gardening book that my girl gave to me because I’m into gardening. The last movie was “Home”, you guys have to see it and “The Blue Gold” too, we are living in a crazy world.

Three things that you can’t life without, which you always take with you?
Computer, picture of my family, a book.

Anything else you like to say?
Thank you to all of you that believe in YES.

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