Interview with Jakob Wilhelmson

Funsporting met Jakob Wilhelmson during the opening night of Travis Rice´s movie “That´s it, that´s all” in Munich. The swedish snowboarder talked with us about his aims and his fellow actor of “Pony Tale” Hampus Mosesson.

Wilhelmson als Sieger bei den Nanshan Open 2008.  Copyright: Lorenz HolderWhat would you be if you haven´t become a snowboard pro?
I don´t know, because it´s a really hard question. I´ve been snowboarding for the last 15 years, so I can´t imagine a life without snowboarding.

What is the best in your job and what is most displeasing?
The best is for sure to go snowboarding with my friends. One part of doing my job is to work hard for new tricks and the other part is that snowboarding is my hobby. But I have always fun and that is the most important thing for me. There are no displeasing things in my job.

Any aims in this season? Any at all?
Yes, for sure I have aims. Probably I´ll do some contests and I hope I´ll do well. We might do new video projects and always try to do the best sort of it. We always hope for good snow.

Do you plan a next movie?
May be, but we don´t know when. First we have to talk about it, but we might have a plan.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Probably I´ll be at home with my family.

Jakob Wilhelmson, Daniel Schöberl (Funsporting), Per-Hampus Stålhandske (PonyTale-Producer).  Copyright: Oliver SchultchenWhat was your greatest achievement?
I think, being where I am right now. To be a snowboarder, who has much fun, who sees a lot of the whole world and who has the opportunity to be part of some movies.

What´s your favourite travel destination or your favourite spot?
It´s hard to say. Wherever the snow is good I feel good, too. I love to go to Brighton and Mount Baker, but the best is to go snowboarding with my friends or my family at home in Sweden.

What do you think about the German winter sports resorts?
Germany is gorgeous for snowboarding and the Alps are amazing.

How does a weekend without snowboarding looks like?
During the winter there are no breaks. In the summer I like to play Golf and go Downhill-Biking. I do some other sports, not only snowboarding.

What was your worst crash?
I am a lucky one, because I never had a really bad crash.

Describe your fellow actor of “Pony Tale” Hampus Mosesson in one sentence?
He is a good friend and of course a good snowboarder.

Thank you very much for the interview!


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