Gäng Jam 2010 Snowboard Contest at Vans Penken Park

The Ästhetiker Jäm Wängl Tängl in Mayrhofen has brought yet another great event. First and foremost, the ‘Gäng Jam’ snowboard contest tests the competitors to see how well they can perform together as a team.

Aesthetiker Jam Wängl Tängl 2010.  Photo: Erwin PolancTirol has never seen a show like the ‘Gäng Jam’ snowboard contest at the Vans Penken Park venue.  The ‘young guns’ proved to the ‘old dogs’ that freestyle snowboarding in Europe has a bright future and that difficult technical maneuvers work well in a team snowboard contest.

Team ‚Absolut,' consisting of Herby Thaler, Michi Stanschitz and Philip Gruber demonstrated an exceptional ability to succeed as a single unit at Vans Penken Park. Tricks like ‘cab 900’, ‘fs 1080’ or ‘double backflips’ set them apart from the rest. The team captain, Herby Thaler, even received the ‚most impressive rider’ award.

Reini Rieser, Mario Wanger und Tom Klocker made up team ‚black and white’ and they landed in second place with their brilliant performance. Team member, Tom Klocker, was knighted the ‘best young gun’.

The ‘Ästhetiker 1’ team with Steve Gruber, Werni Stock and Georg Huber were in third place thanks to the steller routine of ‚old dog’ Steve.

In fourth place was team ‘Ästhetiker 2’ with team members, Chris Kroell, Rudi Kroell and Alex Walch. The synchronized runs of Rudi and Chris were especially impressive. Tonton Holland from Switzerland received the 'best endsection award' because of his outstanding creativity in the ‘Red Bull Endsection.'

The ‚Gäme of Skäte’ contest in the areaway between the staircases of the ‘Penkenbahn’ in Mayrhofen was the perfect location to get a real arena feeling. The street dogs from Villach with Christian Lev, Andreas Fugger, Dominik Tiller, Thomas Steinwender and Christoph Fohn showed ‚flat tricks’ like the streets of Mayrhofen never experienced before. Dominik Tiller sticked all his tricks and truly deserved the victory.

On the final night the "Waxolutionists" put on an amazing show in the ‘Arena,’ located in the center of Mayrhofen.


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