Guenther and Grabner win at Kreischberg

The first of two parallel races being staged at Kreischberg wrapped up with a double victory for hosting country Austria. In the season’s second Parallel Giant Slalom, Doris Guenther and Siegfried Grabner took home victory.

Winners at Kreischberg.  Copyright: FIS - Oliver KrausIn the ladies’ final, Guenther successfully competed against Japan’s Tomoka Takeuchi who celebrated her career’s best World Cup result. In the battle for third, Claudia Riegler (AUT) crossed the finish line ahead of Australia’s Johanna Shaw. On the men’s side, Grabner beat reigning Parallel Slalom World Champion Simon Schoch (SUI) in the men’s final. Meinhard Erlacher from Italy came in third ahead of Heinz Inniger (SUI).

That Siegfried Grabner could play a major role in the decision for the win in Styria could have been expected as he currently benefits from an upturn in form after winning the last race prior Christmas in Arosa. In addition, the Carinthian residing in Andorra still has some good bearing on the 2003 World Championships hill.

“Here at Kreischberg, I never came home with a result worse than the fifth rank. I really like this slope. In addition, today’s result proofs me right that I did a great job over the summer time and that I haven’t been thrown on the scrap heap yet. I’m very pleased as my last PGS victory dates back to 2005 (February in Sapporo).” Asked for the up-coming World Championships in Korea he said: “Well, no one will be able to force me in the corner of the main aspirant for the title. I just want to have fun on my snowboard – although I’m glad that I’m in such a good shape right now.”

On the ladies side, Doris Guenther keeps on writing her success story within the current season of the Snowboard FIS World Cup. But indeed, today’s third win in the fourth parallel start was pretty surprising as “I was really nervous. On home turf, you want to do very good and keep on bringing home such good results.” The repeated triumph based on what the 30-year-old calls her strong point: “I was able to once again do better from run to run. This is just amazing because I still have the feeling to maintain some reserves.”

Despite all podium results there was one special jubilee which didn’t take a backseat today at Kreischberg. Daniel Biveson was the first man in the LG Snowbaord FIS World Cup to start in 200 World Cup competitions. Thus, the Swede looked back – not for no proud reason – on twelve eventful snowboarding years: “My first race was in 1996. Thus I felt that I was riding for a while but I never thought that I would be the first to round off the 200! It was such a great time – not only because of the snowboarding but also because of all the other riders, the good times we had and the parties.”


1. Doris Günther (AUT)             
2. Tomoka Takeuchi (JPN)        
3. Claudia Riegler (SUI)            

1. Siegfried Grabner (AUT)
2. Simon Schoch (SUI)
3. Meinhard Erlacher (ITA)


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Snowboard Cross in Arosa.  Copyright: FIS - Oliver Kraus

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