Maegert-Kohli and Karl secure World Championships title in the PSL

Six World Champions have been crowned as Maegert-Kohli (SUI) and Karl (AUT) grabbed today’s Gold medals in the Parallel Slalom after they had dominated the qualifiers before facing not only a strong rider field but also tough conditions.

World Champion Fraenzi Maegert-Kohli.  Copyright: fotograferen.netIn the ladies’ final, Kohli relegated Doris Guenther (AUT), who had won Silver in yesterday’s PGS, to the second rank. Ekaterina Tudegesheva (RUS), the 2007 PGS World Champion, rounded out the podium edging off former PSL title holder Heidi Neururer (AUT) to the fourth spot.

On the men’s side, Karl took his first World Championship title by beating Sylvain Dufour (FRA), yesterday’s Silver medallist, in the final – a fantastic comeback after an injury and the missed podium yesterday when he placed fourth. In the battle for third, Patrick Bussler secured Germany’s first WCS medal by crossing the finish line ahead of Rok Flander (SLO).

Also this Bronze medal for Bussler was absolutely unexpected, only a few would have really thought of a title win for Benjamin Karl who had prayed for more than five weeks to recover from a foot injury suffered during a running session in the forest. However, he had announced to triumph in both parallel races at the Worlds in Korea: “I know this was a tough statement putting myself under pressure but it seems that I need this pressure in order to do good. This is just unbelievable; I’m so happy!” Especially after he had expected that he once more would loose his power like in yesterday’s race: “Thus, I pushed myself before each run as today it was about making fewer mistakes than your opponent regarding the tough conditions.”

Those conditions almost kicked out Fraenzi Maegert-Kohli in her first quarter final run against the new PGS World Champion Marion Kreiner: “But I was fortunate that she crashed in the second one, too. I never had expected to win Gold in the Parallel Slalom, especially not with these riding conditions. I was aiming for the PGS-Gold but never for a PSL medal.” Asked for the nice performance of the Swiss ladies’ national alpine snowboarding team which consists of two girls who took home two medals in total she said: “Prior the Worlds, no one thought we could be capable of doing that good but the better is the feeling of winning now.”

Winning another Silver medal at the 8th FIS Snowboard World Championships in the Gangwon province were Doris Guenther and Sylvain Dufour. While the Austrian World Cup leader was “a little bit disappointed of losing a lead of more than one second in the final” the Frenchman was delighted: “Winning two Silver medals is super. Especially this one in the Parallel Slalom as it was my first time in the finals in a PSL this year.”

Also third ranked rider Patrick Bussler was all smiles. Yesterday, he had said that “I don’t expect anything in the PSL” and today it was hard for him “to find the right words. Well, I was able to forget about yesterday. This is just incredible. Before the small final, I wanted the medal so much. While racing I noticed that Rok (Flander) crashed but got weak in the knees in the flat part. I cannot believe this at all.”



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Final in Gangwon.  Copyright: FIS - Oliver Kraus

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