Chill and Destroy Tour at Axamer Lizum

The fun park made bei Schneestern looked good and was well maintained and thus at the end of the contest day Urs Hediger, Nico Offensperger and Sarah Jane Phillips were announced as winners.

Funpark Axamer Lizum.  Copyright: Christian TharovskyWhile early on Saturday morning Innsbruck left many of the contestants slumbering under a thick foggy cover, the CaD team already was greeted by a clear blue sky and sun after arriving at the venue in the Axamer Lizum. Quickly the thoughts about two or more layers of clothes disappeared and instead some of the team members even put boardshorts underneath their pants – just in case!

The park - consisting of a roller, equipped with two kicker, a line from Butterflat-, Butterelephantand Butterkinkedbox, another Kinkedbox and two downrails, one in pipe form – was still reshaped as the ChillandDestroy team started to prepare it for the contest. The first drivers shredded and stomped some backflips or 720s. The qualification runs showed that the all rider were willing to give their best on that day and made it very hard to decide for the judges.

Eva Gruber from Austria got away with a clean Cab 180 at the kicker and a Gap to BS Noseslide in the Kinkedbox the third place. That the level of riding relates nowadays no more with the distance to the mountains was again proved by Loranne Smans from Belgium – a fat Straight Air with Double Nosegrab, a Backside Noseslide at the Elephantbutterbox completed by a Backside 180 iat the small kicker brought her to the second place and helped her to gain another few points to develop her leadership in the CaD Allover Tourranking. We congratulate Sarah Jane Phillips from Austria for the first place – a massive Straight air Nosegrab followed by a Backside Lipslide at the Tuberail and in the end a Frontside Boardslide at the Kinked Rail brought her the high score in the Final.
Ziggey van Bouwhorst.  Copyright: Christian TharovskyWithin the kids competition the Judges and spectators could see the finest slopestyle action. Belgian shredkid Stefke Vanderweyer showed a FS 360 followed by a smooth 1080° rotation slide at the Elephantbox and again a Frontside 360 and booked place 3. Therefore he collected Allover Ranking points again and has now lost his so far biggest competitor Urs Hediger who changed to the Men´s Section. The young Austrian Thomas Enk landed with a 180 on 50 / 50-180-off at the Straightbox, a really nice Backflip and a Backside Noseslide at the second Kinkedbox on the second place. The very self-confident Nico Offensperger (GER) from Munich rocked the park with a Backside rodeo 540 and a Gap to Backside Noseslide at the Kinkedbox. He had earned the first place this day more than for sure! Go for it Nico!
In the afternoon finally the men´s finalists showed what they got. And it was not an easy job for the judges! Renè Smolinger (4th Men, AUT) shone with Cab 720 Melon, 50/50 at the Tuberail and Frontside Boardslide at the Kinked Rail. Timo Offensperger (5th Men, GER) sticked a clean Backside rodeo 540 jumped over Frontside. Moreover, he still let a Backside Noseslide in the Kinked box follow and turned up with a Backside 180 Shifty in the Spine properly. Also Vincent Gennant (6th Men, GER) did a Frontside 720 Melon, a Backside Lipslide an the Tuberail and finally with Backside Boardslide in the Kinked Rail.
CaD Tourstopp at Axamer Lizum.  Copyright: Christian TharovskyAndrè Diedrich from Germany put a very clean run together consisting of Backside 720 Indy Nosebone, Frontside Boardslide an the Tuberail and 50 / 50 to FS Boardslide about the Kinked Rail and went directly on the third place. The Austrian Kai Aubry proved his skills in a very nice run with Frontside 900, Gap to Backside to Boardslide to 180 off at the Kinkedbox and a Frontside 360. As a deserving winner Urs Hediger went back home to Switzerland. One can call this also small sensation.
Since Urs has turned 16 just a few days ago he had to change into the men´s competition. The Swiss has proved impressively that he can keep it up with the nig guns now. That first victory in the pocket, he is now ranked Top 5 in the Kid´s and the Men´s Allover Tourranking 2011. Clean Switch Backside 720 Indy, Switch 180-on 50/50 180-off at the Kinkedbox and a Switch Frontside Boardslide at the Kinked Rail – what a winning run!
The good weather, the clean park and the very pleasant atmosphere between spectactor, riders and team members made the contest in the Axamer Lizum a relaxed and successful event. Now we hope for a reunion in Innsbruck and the Lizum next year – but please with a heap full of more snow!
Women's Podium.  Photo: M Laemmerhirt

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