2012 Burton US Open: Ulrik Badertscher Is On Fire

All eyes are on Ulrik Badertscher as he proves to have massive snowboarding potential. The young slopestyle rider is quickly gaining more and more recognition for his top-notch performances.

Badertscher.  Photo: Sportvision.co.ukUlrik Badertscher is Norway's gift to snowboarding. After a contest season that started with 1st place at the Oakley Beijing Air & Style last December and followed up with two 2nd second place finishes at the Burn River Jump last month, the Norwegian caveman-viking just pulled of another 2nd place finish at the Burton US Open - a repeat of his 2010 US Open result and one of the biggest contests of the year!

In a hotly contested final during the 30th edition of the US Open, the world's longest-running and most prestigious snowboard contest, Ulrik Badertscher quickly established pole position with a classic display of his powerful, spontaneous riding, only to be narrowly squeezed off the top spot in the final round by Canadian Seb Toots.

Ulrik, who is quickly making a reputation as one of the mosy explosive, creative riders in Slopestyle, seems not to suffer from the pressure most riders feel in a contest at this level. As he puts it: "I get nervous during the qualifying rounds. If I make it through to the final, I'm already stoked and I just enjoy myself."


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