Burton US Open 2010: Charles Reid And Jamie Anderson Win Open Rail Jam

The Burton US Open put on yet another successful event with this year's rail jam, their fourth rail jam to date. Riders had the opportunity to show off their skills as they dropped multiple times in this exciting contest.


Burton US Open Rail Jam 2010.  Photo: Shem RooseOn an unusually warm Vermont evening, 25 men and 10 women had 90 minutes to get in as many runs as possible in the 2010 Burton US Open Rail Jam
Multiple riders dropping at once created a chaotic scene that very much resembled a skatepark on snow.  A variety of rails, boxes, mini-quarterpipes, gaps and a lift tower feature were part of the setup, providing riders with the opportunity to get multiple hits in on one run.  
The judges based their decisions on the difficulty, execution, variety and progression of the runs.  The first place prize was $10,000 cash.   
Men’s Rail Jam Final Results
1. Charles Reid (CAN): $10,000
2. Tim Humphreys (USA): $5,000
3. Shaun Murphy (USA): $2,500
AMP Energy Best Trick: Luke Haddock – Fast plant on the quarterpipe
Women’s Rail Jam Final Results
1. Jamie Anderson (USA): $10,000
2. Sarka Pancochova (CZE): $5,000
3. Chanelle Sladics (USA): $2,500
AMP Energy Best Trick: Sarka Pancochova – Backside 540 over the lift tower feature
Jamie Anderson.  Photo: Shem RooseAfter the 2010 Burton US Open Rail Jam, Rahzel and JS-1 played a free show for the many fans in attendance. 

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